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Cold Steel Parking Lot Sale

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Ok! some things I forgot to mention. First the Ti-Lite is not Aluminum, its Titanium. Now I see why everyone scripts what they are going to say. I did meet L…



  1. go there nope i live here and the owner is a friend of my dads and he is
    super nice great video i love the ti-lite

  2. even though the kudus were 5 bucks, i still didn’t buy them. That ti-lite
    looks soooo awesome! I’ll pick one up next time! I only have the black one
    and i still love it.

  3. dude, you got some great stuff. i can’t wait believe you got the anodized
    ti-lite! that’s clean dude. i’m excited to get that box! i’ve missed my
    cold steel knives ever since i sold my last one. great vid man.

  4. Nice knives buddy. It was indeed the happiest place on earth today. I
    dropped a couple hundred bucks myself on knives and wish I could afford to
    spend more. I’ll have a new vid on my channel soon.

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