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Cohiba Red Dot Dominican Puro Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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8 min Vid*** Domincan Puro, natural color, hefty weight, tight seems, tight draw, minimal smoke, 1 hr burn time, hearty flavors.

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  1. My experience with this cigar turned out almost spot on as it did in this
    review. Only difference being that mine didn’t crack like this one did. The
    touch ups required on this cigar is pretty insane. Overall a pleasant
    cigar, but as mentioned on this review, you’re going to have to baby this
    thing or it will want to go out.

    Thanks for the review!

  2. It’s not a red dot its a puro dominican. The red dot is a totally different
    cigar. Look it up. The red dot has the ratings not the puro. The red dot is
    black trimmed with white innard on the band. The puro has the gold trim on
    the band. Just though I should let you know.

  3. I’m glad someone had a good exerience with one of these lol…i think if
    the draw would have opened up for me the overall experience would have been
    completely different. maybe in the future i’ll stumble across one again.

  4. Best quote: “Cigar, boo. Golf, whee.”

  5. yah, i definitely did take one for the team! wtf! lol. i wouldn’t consider
    this a high end at all to be honest. for the price I see these for, they
    should perform flawlessly. i’ve had better experiences out of a 3 dollar
    cigar. worth a try though. every cigar is worth a try at least once for
    personal taste and experience.

  6. Bummer. I would have had higher expectations for this cigar.

  7. I smoked one last night, and I was very impressed. It had a nice full body,
    and a thick white smoke. Burned nicely, and I could tell it was blended
    well. Happy smoking!

  8. Where can i get a maybe 5 pack online ?

  9. Looks like you took one for the team on this one! lol. I remember when the
    Dominican Cohiba came out, I wanted to try it, never did and still have
    not. They are all in my book a little higher end , not too high but more
    than I spend on my leisure cigars. But now, I want to give one a try, see
    how they are on a consistent basis. It sucks to get one like this when your
    kind of looking forward to it. Either way nice review, I hope the golf
    continued to go well! Cheers

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