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Cohiba Pirámides Extra Review – Cuban Cigar

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Alex from reviews on the best cigars of 2012 Cohiba Pirámides Extra. These cigars were released in Habanos Festival 2012 and are re…

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  1. Disagree with you assessment of the Cohiba Marca, for me they are generally
    Med+ with the Piramides Extra falling squarely on Medium.

    Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for sharing.

  2. this cigar is so light im smoking it right now. i hate to say im also
    lacking flavor imo maybe its just my taste buds. the aroma it fills the
    room with is fantastic though. the type of fragrance that makes you wanna
    light one up asap alas i just paid 35 chf so it s pricey

  3. A great review.

  4. Cheers Alex, great review as always. I’ve got BHK 56 and 1966 in my
    wineador but haven’t tried the piramides yet.

  5. Baba, your review is spot on!

  6. How much per stick near the GTA area? Great information as always! Cheers,

  7. ring gauge 54 x 160 mm in length, unique flavor to be enjoyed in a format
    that lends itself to special occasions due to its magnificent size. 95/100
    i think better then Cohiba 1966

  8. very inconsistent cigar! great when you get a good one, but only half of
    the box i had were enjoyable. I had bad burns and some were plugged, as
    Cohiba are a prestige brand I would of expected better!

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