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Cohiba Lanceros cuban cigar review

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Cohiba Lanceros cuban cigar review
Length: 7 1/2″
Ring Gauge: 38



  1. I like the stick, its just not long enough. Short stubby nub is what it is!

  2. Hi, Ive been lurking around trying to see the worth of this particular cohiba model. I just picked up this cigar shadowboxed in a scarface frame. Could you tell me its retail price if you remember? And since this cigar is at least a decade old and discontinued, will it be worth more in the future? Assuming its aged okay inside there, I can tell it hasnt been touched for a long time so I wonder whether Its even still good or not.. Any answer is appreciated :)

  3. how long did you store it, and did you keep it inside the little box inside of your humidor?

  4. Hi mate, after a recent trip to Cuba and my first experience of a cigar that wasn't a hamlet I was hooked. Any recommendations for Cigars to try. I tried various Cohiba out there but was looking to broaden my choices and have no idea what to go for. Cheers 

  5. Got a few of these.  Debating on whether to keep them in the cardboard sleeves or store the sticks unboxed, in contact with each other.

  6. Nice review Karl, it looked like a lovely smoke. 

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