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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Check out an online place called TNT cigars, they are in Arizona, they give freebies all the time and besides premium cigars they have plenty of different bundles for the budget friendly smokers, if prior military call and they'll knock off 10%..

  2. Just smoked one of these Cubans yesterday, been in humidor for years but unfortunately just got the dreaded cigar beetle, smoked it anyway.

  3. Go watch my videos and you'll feel better about yours. Lol. All I use is punch cutters my stogies. To me it's the best draw and I get more flavor without any construction damage. Also it's safer to use on a stick that is a little dry. Cohiba makes great cigars but lately I've been on those Ave Maria's box pressed. If you haven't yet give them a try! By the way I don't find Cuban cigars any better either as a matter a fact I think it's exactly what you said, they are banned.

  4. Yeah and silent movie .hello wohld you like to dance with an old pervert brilliant

  5. Here in scotland kel ee have cubans comin out our ears you can get them out the corner shops theres that many of them .the best thi g for us here is the american market is opened to cubans as this will put the price down for us my fav is the cohiba behike 56.but cost 75 pounds each here thats over 100 bucks .but i like lfd or gloria cunana or even liga privada no9 thats just as good at a fractio of the price.🤡

  6. Kel give me a hand with tbe bags .sure you take the blonde and il take the one in the turban .best fil ever made rip gene wilder😆😆

  7. Hey Kel! Love to see you upload your original genre of content. I know this world can get crazy with politics and all. Safe to say that no matter everyone's beliefs, we can all agree on our love and appreciation for cigars lol. Awesome video!

  8. Hey, I subbed to your channel quite a few months ago and then lost track… wasn't getting notifications. If I recall correctly, I subbed after I saw your vid that where you were talking about "so far, so good". That really hit home. I wanted to watch it again, but can't remember which one it was.

  9. @SmokeRingsPipeDreams. Second damn, I see you're a youtuber too, I thought you might want to use some of my music. I reckon my music would up your game youtube com/XimerTracks

  10. Nice review. But if you don't mind a recommendation, you should go to JR Cigars and find a complementary lighter offer. 😉. Or alternatively, you could just buy a very reasonably priced cigar lighter at Amazon or someplace.

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