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Cohiba Behike BHK 52 Unboxing Cuban Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Alex from show cases a Cohiba Behike BHK 52 Cuban Cigar box of 10.


  1. I hate when people try to be all fancy and take everything out really slow.
    just open the shit and smoke it nigga

  2. Wtf 7 min and no smoke?!?!

  3. Are u reviewing the Box or the cigars

  4. Smoke one like scareface did muthufucka

  5. This guy is an idiot doesn’t know fuck all about cigars

  6. What is a cigar review without smoking the actual cigar?!

  7. and the foot……packed!

  8. Wtf 7 min and no smoke?!?!

  9. Well then maybe it shouldn’t say “cigar review” on the description, if the
    point is not to review the cigar.

  10. is not a lady is an indian. numb nuts

  11. What kind of humidor do you have???

  12. “ECKO EN CUBA” what a twat

  13. I want to kick your ass when you say “COHIBA BEHHHHHIKE” like a fucking
    autist and by the way you ve got the CHEEEEEAAAAAP one they are only 50 dol
    the cigar, the real exceptional one are 500 dol each !!!

  14. fake

  15. These are cheaper… But i think thats only because they are being produced
    yearly (although in limited quantities). While other cohibas are much more
    limited in production. I don’t think that these are any less quality than
    other cohibas (i have not had the pleasure of smoking them). Also, it was
    Cigar Aficionado’s top cigar of 2010…

  16. this guys channel is a waste of time barely any reviews….spends more time
    playing with them instead of smoking them

  17. So you finally bought a box! The BHK has set a new bench mark in
    construction quality and presentation. Fantastic review as always!

  18. I do have a humidor. I just wanted to know if I had to plan for ten empty
    spaces in it. 🙂

  19. How much a box? lol

  20. It´s not a “lady face”…it represents the silhouette of a Cohiba indian,
    native tribe of Cuba. Hope to see soon the review on taste, smell, smoke
    and combinations.

  21. @shadeshiest22 around $250, bought in havana

  22. How much?

  23. So many layers before you get to the cigar!

  24. I just bought one for €25,-! Is it awesome?

  25. if i had them i wouldn’t want to smoke them lol

  26. Why so much hate man? Cigars are supposed to unite people wih sharing and
    pleasure. The point of this video is just showing the package and the
    cigars, not reviewing them. Light a cigare while getting blown, it’ll
    evacuate the steam off 😉

  27. @MrHespeler Geez, where do you live? $65 is criminal! $50 at one particular
    store here in Toronto.

  28. lol!!!! “hecko an cuba”

  29. Do those have weed in them?

  30. Now would you store these out of their box in your humidor or place the
    entire box into your humidor?

  31. i had a 52, and i must say i was dissapointed. it never really wanted to
    stay lit. the flavor was very light and whispy. for the money a couple of
    siglo 6s would make me just as happy.

  32. Great great cigar! Besides the fact that they’re expensive(65$ cdn) for a
    single! Well worth it as a nice treat once in a while.


  34. I don’t know of any cigar laws or anything lol

  35. cohiba is a very nice cigar!! but i smoke montecristo’s

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