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Clipper Metal Lighter

Posted by in Lighter Review

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Clipper Metal Lighter
Clipper special edition lighter in metal. Unlike the plastic clippers, it has a gas adjuster on the bottom and a thicker striking wheel/flint.
It comes in a little presentation tin and seems very good value for the money, cost less than £5 from Amazon.

Thanks to srspower for recommending it.

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  1. you forgot to mention that the little bit of paper under the foam is a 2 year warranty which is really cool

  2. Just ordered one on ebay

  3. cool man always wanted to watch a video of this lighter type!
    Hombre fresco siempre quiso ver un video de este tipo más ligero!

  4. honestly, im jealous of you Europeans with your variety of awesome lighters. just seems to be less awesome lighters here in the US.

  5. Hi, lighter-bro!)) May I ask you – how do you refill it? What gas (and what adapter) do you use? I bought an ordinary gas can and tried to use it without an adapter, but the gas breaks out..

  6. sick I want to get a gold one

  7. lol I was just looking at this lighter on amazon, coincidence.
    Now I have to buy one.

  8. Nice, congrats on 10,000 mate, here's to many many more!

    That is a very nice clipper, looks lovely in full metal, and the gas adjuster is a great feature.

  9. hold it upside down the flame gets bigger also iv heard the bottom of a normal clipper has an adjustment thing its just very hard to turn, clipper also makes a metal lighter that is like a zippo inside, they also make smaller clippers and they make metal cases for them

  10. Thanks for the plug and I hope you enjoy your new clipper :)

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