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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
Navigation Menu+ – How to smoke a cigar. For beginners

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How to smoke a Cigar for beginners, Learn how properly cut a cigar, and how to prep to smoke it.

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  1. Wow those things are expensive in my country, but sometimes i wonder how it feels to smoke it, maybe i would feel like a Richass sitting on my pool watching the sun LOL

  2. As a beginner I'm guessing that is NOT how you light a cigar

  3. I just smoked one. It tasted really bad.

  4. Do i have to burn the cuted site or smoke from the cuted site?

  5. first cut the shit out of it ! then get a flame thrower and toast it to ash!!

  6. all wrong!!!! beginners should not watch


  8. Cigars, compared to cigarettes and pipes have alot more harmful material like tar and such in them, so it's alot worse to breath it in.

    Cigars are more for flavour and smell, something you gently puff on and savor, hence why most consider them a luxury and infrequent treat

  9. is this a cigar or a turd of shit that he picked up from his camode….lol

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