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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Cigars vs. Vape! (f. Barber Pole Cigar Exclusive)

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. Are theses guys gay or friends

  2. Dammit you brought all the millennial liberals and they're triggered from the cigars

  3. You should review the gurkha evil goliath

  4. You should do a video on smoking cigars and smoking meth?? That'll be one video that I will agree with you you can hate on

  5. All in for the person that said they see 8th graders Vape there's eighth graders that smoke cigars and cigarettes it's all over YouTube go check it out for yourself

  6. You know smoking both cigars and vaping are very opinionated so if you are a heavy cigar smoker you are going to hate vaping if you are heavy Vapor as I am then you will be I can't say that I hate them but one thing that really upsets me is when Tim said if you think you're better than everybody you can grab a vape I can't speak for all the vapors but at least me I don't think I'm cool I love The Vape there's millions of different flavors and I can Vape almost everywhere Walmart Home Depot Lowe's there's millions of places I can Vape so if you guys want to be opinionated then I guess I will be to cigar smoke stinks your clothes give second hand smoke to everybody around you looks dumb when you put a big ass cigar in your mouth so with this being said why don't you guys stop being so opinionated on other things other than cigars you guys think cigars are the best thing God ever created you talk down on everything that has to deal with flavors or any kind of smoke product I watch a lot of your guyses reviews and I really like them but after watching this video it really upset me due to the fact that you're hating on a lot of things I'm a vapor and I don't go around saying I hate cigars and that they're no good for you and all this bullshit

  7. I do both. Vaping is still thing to do by yourself it's more a hobby and social thing.
    Social because you compare what you have as in the mod, coils, cotton, and juice. All in all a competition to see who has the best, and why you vape. Cigars on the other hand is way more of a social and personal thing. It's more relaxing and you get to hang out with the guys or ladies. It is a one up from vaping. The one thing they do have in common. Is that the product in both is usda approved.

    P.s. I am a millennial

  8. I think the wrapper is more about the aroma and smoke output than actual flavor.

  9. Cigars all day cause vapping is just concentrated liberal tears

  10. One leaf of a cigar that's comprised of MANY leaves can't possibly account for 75% (I've heard people say a much as 90%) of the flavor. It doesn't make sense on the face of it.

  11. cigars vs Bavarian snuff machine

  12. I prefer cigars over vape any day. Cigars are just cool, and for me, a tradition that's been taught down the generations. Personally, I can't decide if vape is more or less disgusting than cigarettes. They kind of make you look like a douchebag too with all of the vapor output, and while I dislike cigarette smoke, vapor clouds from a person vaping nearby make me feel really sick. It's just disgusting to me. Cigars on the otherhand don't bring out too much smoke, and the smoke smells good too. Cigars are timeless, vape is a trend that is already fading where I live.

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