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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Cigars vs. Hookah (f. Dana)

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. Lmfao wtf is wrong with that girl she looks like she's being held hostage, freak.

  2. Cigars vs Bavarian Snuff Machine! (Schnupftabakmaschine)

  3. They cool, mean while these niggas are gay.

  4. 1. Cigars
    2. Cigars
    3. Cigars
    4. Cigars
    5. Cigars

  5. 1: cigarettes (weed NO TOBACCO)
    2: cigars
    3: vape
    4: hookah
    5: pipes
    6: dip (Hell na i don't that that crap)

  6. Y'all should do Cigars Vs. Dokha!

  7. 1.cigars

  8. 1. Vape
    2. Cigars
    3. Dip
    4. Weed
    Never done hookah

  9. You look HUGE sitting next to that little thing. Lol

  10. The only hookahs i know work at night time .hey what happened to luke

  11. More Dana pls…. don't get us wrong but DANG you guys are not nearly as attractive!!

  12. Cigars

    Really kickass video ya'll

  13. Cigars vs joints c'mon guys stop being pussies

  14. Cigars

  15. watching this premium cigar channel while smoking cheep Cheyenne cherry cigar

  16. Hookah is easier to smoke inside. The smell doesn't stay as long and is not as bad in the house.

  17. hookah for more than ten minutes= garunteed projectile vomiting for the rest of the night

  18. Hahahaha good hookah music is like el Alfa
    An he got hookah sickness
    Have to stay hydrated and
    Have a good meal

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