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Cigars to Avoid for the New Cigar Smokers

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Charles Walhingford with the assistance of The Tobacco Company of Lemoyne, Pennsylvania explains what cigars a Rookie Cigar Smokers should avoid smoking. He explains how some cigars are not meant for the consumption of the novice cigar smokers. Like always, Charles Walhingford’s video was produced in order keep you from wasting your valuable time and money.



  1. I watch a lot of youtube videos and never comment, I just found your channel and have to say, Thank you!, you provide good content and you are fun to watch.

  2. This guy is a knucklehead!🚼

  3. thanks Charles. i have yet to smoke my first cigar – a couple of sampler packs on the way. I'll use your advice on your channel to make it a good experience. Thanks for protecting me from myself!

  4. Acid actually got me into cigars. Smoked them for about a month, and wanted more. A lot of cigar lovers I know started that way!

  5. What about Opus X. That another one you'd leave alone as a novice?

  6. Charles, you are on point with these. I've had the LFD double ligero and could absolutely not get through it. Those cigars are not for you if you are in the "little leagues" of your cigar experience. And by the way I've been smoking cigars for about 10 years.

  7. Im not bashing Charles Walhingford, but I don't feel that these cigars would be a no for everyone who is new.  I am only 2 months into cigars and have smoked several of these without getting sick.  However, I go through two cans of Copenhagen snuff per day so I`m used a lot of nicotine.  Nicotine wise I definitely feel the Gurkha Evil has more than the LFD or the Padron.

  8. LFD Chapter 1 and Double Ligero will punch you in the gut. And I've been smoking cigars for 22 years.

  9. LFD is a good smoke. But you are right. Very potent cigar.


  11. Mr. Wallingford, really like ur videos man. I really like how u go into detail about them. I'm kind of a new cigar smoker but I'm used to the small ones like the black and mild/All Capones but I do want to try a nice cigar but not sure which one would be good since I do qualify as a smoker. I enjoy pipe tobacco but was wondering if u had any recommendations that I can try being as I like that kind of cigars? anyway again, really enjoy ur videos man. keep it up. shout out from Newark, Delaware

  12. I so wanted to disagree with you because I don't like people telling others what too some and what is good or not. HOWEVER, my opinion is you should at least get an experience off the flavors of tobacco in a cigar/cigars so you can appreciate the taste, construction and strength of high end cigars. Padron, in my opinion, is among the finest. Basically learn what you like and what you don't with the fillers, binders and wrappers. There is much to learn and experience out there. Relax and take the time to enjoy the experiences.

    Great video. 👏

  13. I should have seen this video a few months ago hahaha.

  14. so would this same rule apply to someone who is just getting into cigars but smokes cigarettes? I'm assuming your talking about the nicotine content making you sick?? literally a brand new cigar smoker here, smoked my first last week.

  15. I really like your cigar videos, very educational

  16. This is completely opposite for me, I started smoking roughly 3 months ago and started with flavored cigars(Acid Blondie/Tabak Especial Dulce) I've tried to move on to non flavored cigars and haven't had great luck finding a sweet cigar. My non flavored favorites so far are Ashton aged Maduro, Padron 1964 anniversary Maduro , and a Fuente 8-5-8 Maduro. I'm still new but I smoked about 7-10 Connecticuts and non of them had a good flavor/strength so i moved up to medium and medium-full. I still don't like the super spicy and leather type cigars because I just simply don't like the taste, the strength doesn't really bother me. Do you recommend any naturally sweet cigar?

  17. Padrone 1964 is for big boys only. My favorite. I started and stopped in my early days in the 1990s before I found the Perdomo Champaign 10th Anniversary and smoked those for 2-3 years and then worked my way up. Now it is Padrone 1964 or nothing.

  18. Could you do a video on cigars the intermediate cigar smoker? For me the mild body cigars don't really do anything for me but the full body cigars a little too much for me since I am only a two months into the hobby.

  19. I smoked an Olivia G with a coffee in the afternoon and was as sick as a dog all day on a summer's day in Provence. Not good. At all.

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