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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Cigars Plus my good friends.. Check them out if your in Florida.

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Cigars Plus welcomes you to the family hosted by Pete Mixcatcom In this video you see a couple of our cigars cases but we have lots of rare and hard to find …


  1. I barely can understand what this guy is saying due to the noise in the
    background. I use to smoke cigars until two women in California loved to
    smoke my cigars more than I did and I changed over to a pipe instead. By
    the way they even loved it also.

  2. Can’t wait to stop by the next time I get to visit.

  3. @ThaSpiderInternetsho You have that right, I used to smoke cigars and its
    the place to do it if you smoke. All the best, -Pete

  4. @mixcatcom ok cool yea i used 2 smoke black and milds in tha past and
    cigars once in a blue and it was ok i like being clean because i wanna live
    a long live maybe until 100 if i can and i just wanna focus on my life and
    my music and my girl u know no distractions and hey pete my dad had a minor
    heart attack my mom has stomach pains and my girl has a double blood clot
    so things are looking bad for me All tha best -Tha Mask Rapper

  5. I forgot to say, I moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming 4 years ago.

  6. Jersey Shore 🙂

  7. @sparkolino26 Thanks, yeah, I will have lot more videos coming soon. You
    used to be right up the road from us. Have a great weekend, -Pete

  8. @M1k3yMcFly Please do, you have to stop by my shop too and say HI im a
    couple doors down. All the best, -Pete

  9. Hey buddy, You friended me a couple months ago but I didnt see any uploads
    from you, glad to see you are putting some up now. Whats a trip is I lived
    in Cocoa Beach for 20 years. I seen Rabbit and the Moon at the civic center
    in Kissimmee in like 1992 at a Marz Rave. Later, Rick

  10. it looks like a nice place for smokers

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