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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. hey! which nicaraguan cigar do you think is best?

  2. I went to Thailand and saw a woman smoke a while cigar with her coochie…I
    believe it was an iguana

  3. I wish I was rich, i’d smoke some cuban contraband on the porch with my
    best friend with a glass or two of scotch… ahhhh the good life

  4. Interesting

  5. Interesting

  6. Thank you so much sir, I really appreciate the input.

  7. I used to smoke cigarettes, but I found cigars more pleasurable and
    switched. I very rarely get nice cigars but I get the more expensive cigars
    you can buy at a store, like phillies, king Edwards, garcia y vega. And I’m
    going to he 18 on the 25th of this month and hopefully getting some as soon
    as I can. Thanks for the advice. 

  8. I’m 18 years old and I am very interested in cigar smoking, I do not smoke
    cigarettes and would love the flavor type cigars.

  9. Always love these videos. Cigars are really a gentlemen’s interest. Hope
    more show up.

  10. he is showing us how to destroy ourselves and he get’s paid by
    advertisements for that! 😀

  11. since you blocked me on facebook i gotta post on here the new dhl shipping
    method sucks i have a tracking number but no one knows where the hell my
    order is

  12. small cigars? how come? so far my experience was that longer cigars are
    “easier” to smoke if you are a beginner. short cigars heat up quickly. any

  13. Sign My Petition to repeal Cuban Embargo

  14. Stopped listening when I hit Iguana. Way to turn ppl off from smoking prem
    cigars. Mild, DR, hooey. Why not start em on a classic mild-med cigar with
    memorable flavor and body to inspire them to smoke again?!?!

  15. Hmmm, your video is very biased isn’t it…….

  16. yep my first one heated up and I didn’t know what to do. It became
    uncomfortable then.

  17. Matter of taste. Personally I feel a much wider variety of balanced cigars
    come from non-cuban countries

  18. Thanks for the tips. I’m going to have to try Iguana.

  19. Uhhhhh Thompson knows how to make cigar smoking unapealing. Also I don’t
    like the iguana. I can’t tell of its short filler but it sure tastes like

  20. I like the videos of you outside at the table than these studio videos. The
    others had a more realistic feel.

  21. Great video with great tips. Cheers !

  22. Man I haven’t smoked a cigar in a while.I gotta start smoking again lol

  23. what i hate is how i sometimes see that some people just smoke the cigar
    just trying to be a bad ass

  24. Vive les cigares! From paris, france.

  25. love these vids and this guy. he is a great example of a gentlemen.

  26. This video made me feel like my high school algebra teacher was talking
    about cigars.

  27. Are Cuban cigars that much better? I smoked them during our Westpac
    deployment and I just didn’t notice a difference than ones made in the
    Dominican or elsewhere.

  28. I started with a cigarillo and went to the larger cigars earlier on.

  29. I have found out what happens when you inhale a cigar. It’s strong and you
    will know right away not to do it again. Cigars are completely different
    the smokes. I would take a cigar any day but I have found out it takes a
    long time to smoke a cigar unless it’s a cigarillo then that could last
    20-30 minutes. So keep the clipper with you and save the rest for later.

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