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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Cigarnival Cigar Dash 2013

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Ever imagine what running through a warehouse full cigars feels like? Well, this lucky guy does. At Cigarnival 2013 raffle winner John who runs through Famou…

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  1. At this year’s Cigarnival, the best raffle prize we offered was a 2 minute
    run through our massive warehouse humidor where the lucky winner got to
    keep everything he could carry. He ended up with a serious haul of premium
    cigars, and of course we captured it all on video to share with all of you!

  2. To enter you have to attend the Cigarnival at the Famous Smoke Shop in
    Easton, PA, which is usually towards the end of June every year. Pay your
    $20 for a ticket and keep your fingers crossed. Good luck, and hope to see
    ya there !!!

  3. John, you be my hero!

  4. that’s crazy how do you enter

  5. That’s My Bro! These guys are lucky that’s all he grabed. Great Job!

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