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Cigar Vixen Review of F Bomb by Espinosa Cigars

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Delicia Cigar Vixen smoking an F Bomb by Espinosa Cigars, massive 7 x 70 stogie made in Esteli Nicaragua at the La Zona Factory. Shooting a 12 gauge, over un…


  1. Sorry…but 2:46…. 😮 good gawd

  2. Love the HK hat

  3. Ciucciacazzi neri

  4. It’s just looks abnormaly wrong,that’s why no one else is smoking these,lol

  5. You are my idol! Lol I just started smoking cigars too and it is great to
    see another female who enjoys it too! Thanks for the awesome review… I
    can’t wait to see more cigars you like. So far I am in love with Maximus by
    Diamond Crown. Check out I have some reviews too!
    -girl in pigtails

  6. What a great video ! Finally she smoking a very large cigar !!

  7. Gorgeous woman smoking a cigar and she likes guns!!! DAMN!!!!!!!! it
    doesn’t get any better than that!!!! =D

  8. WOW!!!!!! No words!!!

  9. Unfortunately, BPLNothingChannel will just have to make due with male nude
    centerfolds and locked bathroom doors.

  10. that thing would give my mouth stretch marks !

  11. Oh it can fit in your mouth alright

  12. I will echo previous sentiments: a gorgeous lady, with cigar….and
    shooting guns!! How good does it get?!! All we need are cocktails in the
    clubhouse lol. Love the vids Vixen! Take care! Still looking for that
    Ashton Churchill review sometime!!

  13. 1:24 damn nice cigar

  14. Subscribed: Thanks for the video 🙂 just getting into my Cigars

  15. no problem lighting that cigar for such a classy lady.

  16. Thanks realdad, you sure know how to make a girl blush 😉

  17. if she smokes she likes to poke is a good rule of thumb

  18. Thank you for watching and supporting 🙂

  19. Sborroooo!!!

  20. Espinosa makes great sticks! Can’t go wrong 🙂

  21. Thanks David!! Will work on getting that review for you! 🙂 Thanks for
    watching and for the kind words

  22. Your reviews have come a long way! Keep it up cutie!

  23. These are great sticks, this and the 601 oscuro are a couple of my all time
    favorites; I’ve not had that pariticular size yet but look forward to
    trying one!

  24. Fun review! Love the shotgun 😉 never tried anything over a 66 ring gauge.
    All check it out!

  25. Dat ash

  26. Yes, the larger cigars are definitely a preference! Interesting enough
    there were quite a few debuting at IPCPR this year. Thanks for sharing your
    experience, appreciate the feedback! 🙂

  27. DAMN!!!

  28. Haven’t smoked the F Bomb but have smoke some other’s 7 x 70 ring cigars
    and really liked them. I have a Asylum 13 Eighty 6 x 80 and 7 x 70 barber
    pole to smoke very soon. I will be looking for this one now.

  29. a beautiful woman smokin a cigar and shootin a shotgun…. i like it lol
    thats my kinda woman 🙂

  30. Love the cigar reviews from such a pretty lady. Keep it up – especially
    these larger cigars!

  31. Ignore the fish! You do lovely reviews.

  32. Thank you 🙂

  33. Holy beautiful!!!!!

  34. Because boobs!

  35. Thank you all for the great feedback and continued support!

  36. Feeling is mutual 🙂

  37. nice girl

  38. Yes! LOL I need a lot more practice with the shotgun, thanks for the tip. I
    usually shoot handguns, but am venturing out a bit.

  39. H&K, best firearm to date…

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