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Cigar Taste Profile [Cigar 101] – Famous Smoke Shop

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Sam Phillips, marketing VP for Alec Bradley Cigars explains what components make up a cigar taste profile. According to Sam – who is smoking an Alec Bradley Nica Puro – a lot of it has to do…

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  1. Nice rental suit….

  2. I’ve smoked cigars for over 20 years and it still makes me laugh to hear
    the “pros” describe the flavors in a cigar. I mean, really, have you ever
    tasted “dried blueberries”? “Nougat”? “Coconut”? My favorite was the blurb
    in Cigar Affecianado where the so-called expert actually had the balls to
    say “a hint of tobacco flavor”!

  3. The always entertaining Sam Phillips From Alec Bradley cigars shot another
    great video for us, this one talking about cigar flavor profiles and why
    different profiles are better in different situations.

  4. purchased a sampler of the Alec Bradley. Every single one of the had burn
    issues or a knot in it. I’ll stick to my Padrons, My Fathers, etc.

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