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CIGAR SMOKING?! | VLOGS with Zoraya Vadillo

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New vlog and the first day of VLOGMAS as we start off by smoking cigars for a Malaysian video review with Jay Walia!

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I’ve decided to jump on the daily vlogging bandwagon and try my hand at uploading videos everyday for the next few weeks.

Vlogmas is somewhat of a vlogger challenge to film everyday of the month of December until Christmas, but if all goes well, I might vlog until the end of the year. Quite excited to try something new and see if I will actually be sleeping at all this month. hehe.

This is the second cigar review I am doing for Cigar Malaysia and it’s taught me so much about cigars. I don’t smoke them, but it still seems to be quite an art.

Hope you enjoy. Give the video a thumbs up if you do. 😉

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  1. Hi..what camera you use for vlogging…any suggested camera for a begginer

  2. i might be wrong but hanging your clothes inside the house can make you have colds much often and for longer. try googling it. Then again, it might not be true. i use a cheap dryer after i read about it.

  3. i never fold my laundry. i roll them up XD

  4. Just discovered your Vlogs. Well done i am gonna come back for more :-))

  5. dear u,i like the way u edit ur did u do that?

  6. Love your vlogs, sweety. Greetings from Fadia and I all the way in SA

  7. You're great at this! 🙂 love your stuff keep it up!

  8. Do you know that most of your videos are so positive, I'm an empath, so basically I'm collecting energies from all around me. I can feel positivity everytime I watch your vids. You are among my fav vlogger, like Casey Neistat, mo vlogs and so on 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  9. HI Zoraya,
    I was going through Vlogs in You Tube about Kuala Lumpur, because I am going to visit this beautiful city by next month January with my wife & I found your channel. Me & my Wife like your Vlogs but doing commercial promotion for Cigar!!! sorry but I hate smoking & cigarettes ☺☺.
    wish you the best,

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