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Cigar smoking : Tobajara Brasil by Villiger

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This is a Brazilian puro robusto, hand made in Brazil. Mild to medium strength, delicious tobacco flavours with a hint of wood.


  1. awesome

  2. Hey man! Its some nice videos you have! May I ask where you are from, and
    how long did you sit outside and smoking that nice cigar? Keep up the good
    work ;D !

  3. Haven’t had any Brazilian cigars, but that one sounds really nice! Nice
    review my friend.

  4. Hey Paisius, Yes, Brazilian tobacco has that je ne sais quoi, really
    intriguing. The Porto is a great great wine, but must be drank with
    caution, it doesn’t taste like it but it’s 20% alcohol! Went perfectly with
    the cigar! Cheers — Aurélien

  5. I will order more next month, I can sent you one like this and some Marca
    Finas if you want, it would be my pleasure. I have seen those CAO Brazil, I
    will have to try them, thanks for the info. Cheers — Aurélien

  6. Hello Aurélien, That Porto Durrao sounds like a great drink with a cigar!
    Great review of a nice looking cigar there. I’ve had a few the last couple
    of weeks that a friend from Singapore gave me recently. Nothing wrong with
    that bic for lighting up, but the new cigar lighter sounds really cool!
    Great review sir! Cheers, James

  7. Hey buddy! I have tried Dominican, German, and Cuban only, not yet
    Brazilian so i can’t say.. Hey 3 weeks! Enjoy buddy! I only have 2 weeks
    and i start again on Monday 🙁 Enjoy buddy!

  8. Didn’t wait till the end to post, lol…No, have not had Brazilian’s at
    all. I really love that woody flavor in smoke and booze! I usually think of
    it as an oaky taste. I really love that in wine as well. another great vid
    my man. Cheers, James

  9. Hey Stick! Yeah, Brazilian cigars are not that common, but I think that
    more and more makers use brazilian tobacco in their cigar blends. Hope your
    going back to work, went well, I’m dreading mine, but hey, gotta make sure
    it goes well and be happy I got one to go back to! Cheers — Aurélien

  10. hey Åurélien these cigars look good I think I will try these a good
    Brazilian cigar is the CAO Brazilian there very good. take care Jonathan

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