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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. haha i keep forgetting you changed your youtube name so im like who is this
    DanTheSmokingMan? lol but no, pipe size doesnt matter in my opinion. I’ve
    had big bowls and small bowls and theres no difference. Smokes the same and
    tastes the same. My small Grabows smoke just as long as a big “pipefriend”
    bowl. It also depends on how fast you puff and how hard you draw.

  2. Hey Mate , good to see you active again , I enjoy your talks , feels like
    yonks since some of you older vids , Hope the Navy is going well. just a
    question , I hate to put a damper on things and you may well of answer this
    previously but being a sensible person that does smoke do you or what is
    your take on being healthy whilst smoking? obviously everyone should visit
    GP but do you ask to check for possible things that may be problems as a
    result? anyways good to see you posting again , take care, good luck and

  3. I like big pipes but when I have the time. Also, I tend to smoke flakes in
    a smaller bowl or something that’s very strong, like Irish Flake. A big
    bowl of that can give me the spins, :)

  4. I prefer traditional shapes too and find myself leaning towards medium
    sized bowls just cause I don’t have tons of time to smoke

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