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Cigar Smoke in the Harley’s Headlight

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Smoking in leather while sitting in the light of the Harley so one can see the smoke well as I continue to season these gloves for my friend. And no. Don’t f…

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  1. always love smoking with back lighting. Hot, man!!

  2. Thanks for the great video again. But if I can suggest you something: I
    don’t need music on your videos. I just love to hear you breathing while
    smoking it’s so exciting…:D

  3. AWESOME !

  4. great shaved high and tight haircut. awesome with leather really masculine
    and erotic

  5. Excellent! Nice ASH! I love long ash on my cigars too. HOT! I crush my ash
    into my leather Damascus Gloves! YUM! SWEET ASH at 3:26! MAN I want so
    SMOKE with YOU!

  6. excellent

  7. very good my friend

  8. Can’t keep from focusing on you with those shades, awesome haircut &
    stach,,,, Hot as hell.

  9. Love iy

  10. i like this video.really amazing smoking..nice…

  11. DAMN YOUR A TURN ON FOR ME…MMMMM…all i gotta say.

  12. goil SABBER

  13. even gr8r!

  14. One of your best yet, pup.

  15. Good Man—Aways on Top.

  16. WOOF

  17. very good

  18. Fantastic!!

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