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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Cigar Smoke Cloud

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Watch me puffing away to the soothing voice of Ole Blue Eyes. I flip the camera off at the end so be forewarned. 😉

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  1. i am so happy since i know that i soon will see the same scenario with a
    FAT cigar… it will blow me away Mistress… i am so VERY excited! stef

  2. and i only can agree to what Rapacheisegreat said… i am so truly addicted
    to you and to view you like this my Mistress stef <3

  3. Fuck you too, bitch.

  4. phuck you 2!

  5. omg you are fuckin’ hot!

  6. I want this girl

  7. i;m in love, a most excellent spell, Mistress Jette. i love the classic
    style of this with the song you chose. It is almost befitting the Temptress
    and her bewitching cigar smoking

  8. I would love to be your ashtray,you are simply stunning,i await your
    commands my Mistress

  9. fuk u 2

  10. Good clip but you have to inhale it will be very good

  11. Brill!

  12. You’re not helping me get of the tobacco. Not one bit. I’m not that into
    smoking clips but I love they way you do it.

  13. I Love your finger, Mistress

  14. fuk u 2

  15. fuk u 2 prick

  16. Your one of the sexyiest smokers I have ever seen that was hot

  17. omg… SO sexy. Frenchi inhaling .-.

  18. Ouuu… You must think your so cool … Fucken wankah !

  19. 42,000 bored people watching a bored ho smoke a cigar and flip us
    off…where would the world be without YouTube?

  20. umm thats easy to do.. but i didnt see a smoke cloud… i just saw a smoke
    waterfall.. but ur hot tho..

  21. ummmmmmmm ok

  22. what???

  23. I can’t pass a day without watching this awesome clip….please more

  24. str8 up id neva smoke a gar to tha face like that unless it had that funk
    in it

  25. what the fuck????? your stupid

  26. Hello 🙂 Just to ask do you take suggestions for future videos?

  27. girls dont smoke cigars its for class men

  28. WoW!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!! You’re a wonderful Dominatrix…..I’d
    love to be Your ashtray slave!!!

  29. woww……. she aint smokinq no ciqar if yu hoesz smoked yu no dha shid
    ihsz rolled bitch .

  30. u dont know how to smoke, dats sad, u think your hot, dat sad too, and i
    dont even want to get mad about it, because im sad of people like you so
    just fuck that

  31. oh my god Mistress Jette… i am already fallen for you… i am sending you
    all the best smokey filterless greetings from germany stef

  32. umm you dont inhale while smoking cigar butt you are hott

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