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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. really miss you bud what happened ? wow you remain one of the hottest man
    smokers and real men on you tube thanks bud

  2. Sexy bear love your shirtless smokerings do more shirtless smokerings

  3. thanks

  4. Shit Id love to play with you.

  5. fucking smoke boot camp

  6. nice, skype?

  7. Wow, gotta try that!

  8. Great video would love to share an extra large ring gar (105 or larger) gas
    mask or ????? with you and attend your boot camp.

  9. nice well sexy m8

  10. Thanks, I had fun making it…but wish I were not making it alone! 🙁

  11. i live in England and i’m not a bear:-(

  12. damn that is great!!! you are hot too

  13. Philly PA here… where in VA are ya bud? We could spend some time force
    feeding each other!

  14. I love you!

  15. Loving cigar smoke like a real masculine man should. Damn buddy!!!

  16. You & me, Some large cigars and a gasmask and we can play nasty all night
    long sexy 10/10.

  17. Good love this mate do some more.

  18. pump that smoke into me..dont stop..more..more…

  19. yeah?? cool… ever get to the States?

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