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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. mm hot! wouldn’t mind being there and i’d smoke that with you! maybe have a
    little touch of that sexy body too? 😀 xx

  2. love to lay on that big hairy belly WOOF

  3. hes hot

  4. I want to come rub your belly… I am hairy too, I am 30, Italian, from PA

  5. Damn he’s good at that shit 😀

  6. I LOVE YOU BABY! (Dee)*

  7. Man…what a hot belly. I hope you appreciate just how hot and gorgeous you
    are. Thank you.

  8. WOOF!!!! oh man…i’m so glad that you are posting vids! you are very sexy
    laying there smoking

  9. Very Hot!

  10. Damn you are one hot cigar smokin bubba. Would love to smoke one with you.

  11. GOD I WANNA SUCK YOUR COCK SO BADLY.. deepthroat it.. swallow all your jizz

  12. great vid man, look damn good

  13. Nice furry belly to cuddle with too.

  14. vaya macho

  15. fucking whackos!! 20thumbs down

  16. thats hot! I want 2 sit on ur lap while u smoke that cigar!

  17. quiero montarme en él, me encanta este cabrón!

  18. hes hot

  19. fuckin hot!!

  20. beautiful…love the fur…..

  21. Bearotic indeed!

  22. very hot man

  23. Damn! I would love to eat your ass then fuck you til I cum inside! Then I
    would want you to pound my ass then have you shoot your wad down my throat!
    I would lick the sweat off of you!!!!! WoOF

  24. thanks for the comment bud..come rub my belly

  25. Stop smoking, please. It’s not officially sexy anymore. And that destroys
    your body

  26. thanks bud.

  27. Look cool, smoke cigar and nice relxa at balcony too

  28. wow!

  29. ho fat man

  30. You are one helluva Sexy BEAR!!!! I’d love to rub fur with you. Fur Hugs.

  31. woof… best one yet… makes me want more hot stud

  32. how take the email this man

  33. boy you look pretty hot with your hairy chest open like that i just want to
    eat you all up grrrrr.

  34. iwant you

  35. my heart is pounding and I need to blow you.

  36. BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. you’re reallysexy–)hug peter

  38. I want to rub you all over.

  39. wish i was smoking with you and licking them great pecs of yours

  40. Tengo que hacer un viaje a Mexico,para encontrame un Papasote como
    este;este HOMBRE es un BON-BON.

  41. nice, Ralph! Real man there and it shows what a great guy you are to boot.

  42. smoking kills!

  43. …subtle, understated, potent masculinity… this video oozes
    testosterone… i’ll get rid of the geraniums on my patio to make room…
    you’re welcome to kick off your boots, put your feet up & enjoy your cigar
    there anytime !

  44. He’s my kind of HOMBRE,I love him.

  45. sexy man

  46. you are my fantasy!!!!!!!!!

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