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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Nice review. I've been smoking for about a year and this was the best cigar I've had to date, but just before the band the nicotine kicked in like I've never had it kick in before. I had to put it down. Was sad to see that much of this stick wasted. My first Undercrown and now I'm looking forward to trying the Shade and the Maduro.

  2. This is my favorite Drew Estate cigar. It's wonderful.

  3. so far i havent found a sun grown i like. didnt care for this one either. The shade was one of my first cigars. love that one. good review thanks bob.

  4. Undercrown is my favorite Drew Estate line. Haven't had the Sungrown yet, but I love the maduro and the Shade.

  5. I cut off the sides but still have the rest. Lol. Looked like a shaggy bear. That oil might help the facial hair I got left

  6. Don't shave the beard brotha! I'm gonna send you some beard oil really soon! It should help the itchiness fo sho! If you want, do a review on it and shout out my Etsy and FB #gentlemanscordialbeardoil 😎
    As far as the Undercrown sun grown, I haven't scored one yet, but I love the original. Sounds tasty! Be blessed bro!

  7. Good day Bob , it's raining here too . That sounds like a good stick . I haven't had one of those yet .

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