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Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Platinum Robusto

Posted by in Cigar Review

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The Rocky Patel Platinum in Robusto. This is one of the six new blends that were released at IPCPR 2013. This 5.5×50 cigar has a great blend with filler from…


  1. Fantastic review man.

  2. Great review dude! I’ve never been a huge fan of RP, but I used to smoke
    the Edge series a bit. Gonna have to try this. Seems like a nice one.

  3. Kyle, I liked this review. Any recollection of how much you paid for this

  4. Not a RP fan, but this one could be worth a try then…

  5. Your cutter sounds awful dull! You can hear tearing instead of smooth
    cutting. You should give a cuban crafters cutter a go, very happy with

  6. Did you dry box it before smoking?

  7. I know where you are coming from. I was in graduate school too. Like I’ve
    commented before, YouTube is about a person and a camera. He’s got a whole
    production studio and pro equipment. All good, but for me, simple is
    better. Plus he’s got another channel where he films what he’s doing
    everyday. So he’s got the time and equipment to do so but I’m not
    interested in his daily life( I think he’s on his 362nd consecutive day of
    talking about himself LOL!).

  8. He ranted about his cigar lottery and how people don’t follow the rules of
    his contest. He started throwing a damaged cigar at some of the undamaged
    cigars for the lottery. Just negativity I’m not into. He told viewers if
    you don’t like it then don’t watch it…how about unsubscribe.

  9. Just wanted to let you know I enjoy the reviews. I just canceled my
    subscription to cigar obsession channel because of a recent rant he went
    on. It’s just cigars. You are a down to earth reviewer/dude. I just want
    reviews. Not rants.

  10. [Cigar Review] Rocky Patel Platinum Robusto! Check out my review here
    @rockypatelcigars #rockypatel #cigars

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