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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Cigar Review : Paradigm 262 (Short Robusto – 4X52)

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Cigar Review…

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  1. I don’t know anything about smoking but I thought you were only supposed to
    light cigars with a match?

  2. tried my first cigar last night yeah I think ill just stick to dipping

  3. I have a legit question are you gay? This is a legit question dont mean to
    be mean 

  4. Split that up and put the green stuff in it

  5. Heard You just fine! 🙂 Can do more rain-vids :)

  6. yes! finally a cigar review!! 😀 

  7. Hi jeff

  8. can you do a review on a game green? jk

  9. You have a nice life Jeff. Take care. 

  10. Ah the rain and cigar. 

  11. Holy crap! Thanks for showing that Cult ad! I’ve been a fan of their cigars
    for quite a while, they are one of my go-to’s. I didn’t know they were
    doing pipe tobacco too. I might just have to get a pipe now. I’ve been
    thinking about it for a while, but now I want to the blood red moon! I love
    the blood red moon cigar, so I’m curious to see how they differ from cigar
    to pipe.

  12. Please do more storytime videos:))

  13. could you do a review on swisher sweets 

  14. jealous of the fact that it rained there man there has bin none of that
    here in southern cali

  15. Can’t wait for the storytime and more pipe stuff.

  16. I thought you said you didn’t smoke…..

  17. Link to the punch cut?

  18. I really like Robusto cigars. Good review and thanks for the video.

  19. Let’s see Christina 

  20. Sweet video!! Do a cooking video bro! Please please please 😀 

  21. Glad to see a cigar review. I know you like pipes and wondered if you ever
    checked out Jay Danger on youtube? Great channel for pipes, cigars and
    occasional vaping. 

  22. Suggestion Jeff…Tatuaje Black Corona Gorda…they are available right now
    but won’t be around for long without having to go secondary market..they
    are as close to as you can get to capturing the Cuban twang without
    actually smoking a CC…

  23. Hey jeff , was wondering if you could post your thoughts on the new
    shooting in Santa Barbara

  24. Hey man, long time watcher I just gotta say your audio in this one is
    really on point, I like how that rain and thunder sounded in the
    background. Great videos!

  25. First!

  26. Review the punch cutter plz.

  27. Hi Jeff can you please respond it make my day thank you:-) 

  28. we had a storm the other night was loud

  29. Great video Jeff. Thunderstorm added to the overall experience. Looking
    forward to viewing more uploads from you.

    Stay sharp


  30. Jeff, you should try a macanudo cigar. (I hope I spelled it right)

  31. OMG I LOVE STORY TIME VIDEOS. This is the best day ever 

  32. Hey cutlerylover. I’m just a little curious, do you personally prefer to
    smoke pipes or cigars?

  33. I’m not emo or any gay shit but damn rainy days sure are the best

  34. I thought you’d use a Zippo to light it. -.-

  35. That is a really interesting Punch Cutter. Would you please consider a
    short video/tabletop to give name, show it fully, etc.?

    Drying the mouth, and a short finish lead me to believe that the blend is
    not well balanced. A well balanced cigar can linger on the palate, and
    actually increase saliva production. That said, balance is not necessarily
    imperative in terms of providing a decent flavor.

  36. I smoke a Irish Mist pipe tobacco that is do DIE for. The next time I get
    some I might send you some to try. I like mild tobacco cigars…but for
    the most part I really like flavored cigars. Maybe because I am a chick
    🙂 Awesome Video 🙂 Loved the storm!

  37. If I get 50 subscribers I will set my self on fire 

  38. OMG you’re so lucky I love thunder and lightning 

  39. eeeeewwww put some cannabis in there thats nastay

  40. Jeff gonn fuck around and come up with cancer.

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