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Cigar Review: Nica Rustica by Drew Estate

Posted by in Cigar Review

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The Nica Rustica by Drew Estate. This 6×52 cigar comes in only one size, with another great blend from Drew Estate. The filler is Nicaraguan, binder is a Mex…


  1. Kyle- I normally smoke a Hoya De Monterrey Excalibur #1 (natural/colorado
    wrapper). I have been smoking this for 20? years. I have tried many smokes
    along the way, but always come back to this as my goto. I love an Ashton
    ESG if I have the ca$h. Here’s my question… I just had this Nica Rustica
    and loved it. Maybe cause of the Connecticut wrapper? Anyway, what else
    would you recommend for me. Nothing small- needs to be a substantial
    ring/length. Thanks a bunch in advance.

  2. I’d say grab another, let it rest for 2-5 months and notice the difference.
    You definitely had a plugged stick, these are notorious for the extreme
    amount of smoke out put. I’d say the most out of any. Still, great review
    and cigar… It’s a mainstay in my humi.

  3. It was way too bitter for me and was kind of painful to smoke. I enjoyed
    the other products much better.

  4. Short filler on this one, correct?

  5. Iam sold I will be getting a couple to try 

  6. What a bland review, talking more about the construction then the REAL
    details of flavor, jerk

  7. You have a phenomenal speaking voice and you know your stuff I’m definitely
    subscribed. Looking forward to more (: 

  8. Great review as usual boss

  9. Nice review, I have been wanting to try that cigar

  10. Another great review, enjoy your videos!

  11. Check out my review of the new Nica Rustica! ##cigars

  12. Watched this while I smoked my first one. Pretty much agree on all points,
    except mine drew fine. Had about a months rest in my humi prior to smoking.

  13. I like how you say “toasted” like your are from Canada. You are from
    Wisconsin right? 

  14. Want!!! 

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