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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Cigar Review: La Aurora Cameroon Double Corona

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. @silvereagle I do retrohale a few times throughout a cigar. You’re right,
    it does allow you to taste more of a cigar as the smoke moves through the
    back of the mouth, into the throat and through the nose. On this cigar, all
    I got on the retrohale was even more black pepper. Did I mention this cigar
    has a lot of black pepper in it? 🙂

  2. my kind of cigar.

  3. @MrElliotpaige To refine your palate and start detecting and enjoying the
    flavors a cigar has to offer, you need to bring the smoke in on the part of
    your tongue that is most sensitive to flavor. Usually, this is the
    forefront of the tongue. A more advanced method of picking up more subtle
    flavors in a cigar is to retrohale – moving the smoke to the back of the
    mouth, through the throat and out the nose, NOT inhaling. DocStogieFresh
    has a good video discussing the hows and whys of retrohaling.

  4. who are those two idiots that didn’t liked this vid?

  5. Pardon, if this question is repetitive, but what do you use to light with?

  6. @rememberhiswords ….New York, California

  7. Try “retrohailing. its great and you take in the whole flavor of the cigar
    and not just some of it.

  8. Her boyfriend is the luckiest man in the world. Many thanks for the clear
    and detailed review of the cigar. I understand that YouTube won’t allow you
    to upload too long clips but imho it would be fantastic a review of the
    whole smoking , without cut scenes, to tell us how the flavor and the notes
    of the smoke change in real time. Guys, please , remember to press the I
    like button , so this beautiful girl keeps reviewing cigars for us.

  9. i am always waiting for your next review SmokingCigarGirl … and whenever
    i see the next one… even the darkest day gets bright… thank you so much
    ! all the best smokey greetings from germany Stef ;-)==~~~

  10. I like how you segment the cigar in your video such as initial stage,
    midway, and ending. cuts through all the crap.

  11. wow, you look great with those longer cigars. I’d love to try my first
    cigar soon.

  12. Nice Job Nada

  13. You live in Florida. Can’t miss that spanish moss anywhere. lol

  14. @isthiswhereitype1 I prefer lighting my cigars with a wooden match, but you
    can’t always find them even in some cigar bars.

  15. Excellent videos I’m sorry to say and am not trying to be rude but

  16. I prefer this blend in the smaller perfecto size

  17. Since you are a cigar smoker, you should know more than anyone that you
    should light cigars with matches as the gas from lighters can spoil the
    taste. my grandfather swears that this is true. I don’t know if its just an
    older generation thing but I hear it often.

  18. Hello, Can you do a cigar review on the ST dupont double corona please.

  19. Wow! Lovely site here. Just a tip here, don’t allow the flame (on the
    second lighting) to touch the cigar when you light it. Yes, the tobacco
    used in fine cigars always comes from areas near to the equator, Caribbean,
    Brazil, Cameroon, Mexico, Equador and Indonesia. Also, press the cigar
    gently between thumb and forefinger. If the cigar feels firm but has a
    little give on the outside you then have a cigar of quality. Lovely cigar
    review … thank you.

  20. You look a little tense

  21. Listened until I heard the word corona (with a lime wedge). This cigar
    actually sounds like something I’d really enjoy. 29.99 for 10 at ccom.

  22. @darkmorbius20 I agree, not a cigar I’ll smoke again. Though I’m sure there
    are cigar smokers who enjoy those dry peppery flavors.

  23. you lit the cigar unevenly. any particular purpose to that?

  24. Very detailed review. Thanks. Don Carlos

  25. daimyoD – It was a bit tricky that day with the wind and I didn’t want to
    take the time on camera to fix it. I evened it out between segments and the
    cigar burned pretty evenly for the rest of the smoke.

  26. Not A Very Good Cigar In My Option…….

  27. My grandfather just got me a 5 pack box of these. Have yet to try one out
    but I am very eager to.

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