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Cigar Review – King Edward Imperial

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Americas mildest cigar? Why, let us look and find out.



  1. Review daviddoff white cigar.. Awesome taste!!!!

  2. @ukwingchunstudent Are they a good and reliable company? I’m starting to
    get into cigars, but there not many places in wales I can just walk into
    and buy cigars. I had a look on the site and I couldn’t find King Edwards.

  3. me n my friends are thinking f getting some of these for prom. if there’s
    any people who’ve smoked this cigar i’d appreciate it if you send me a
    message telling me more about it and give me some tips for my first cigar.

  4. HAHA classic, music really set the mood, the rich tea biscuit bit had me

  5. Thanks. Now all I have to do is buy myself a King Edward. I am not a cigar
    smoker but after this review I want to try one.

  6. @solraymond Toast the edge, keep the flame actually away from the ring.

  7. You’ve blatently also been smokin’ on some Ganj, but great video man

  8. i think u need more cigars lol

  9. fuckin hell man you crack me up..!! (all ya manz wid ya spliff ya cheeeeze)
    lmao man

  10. @TheShahrukh121 It would be easier to show you mate, will do a video soon,
    and thanks for the kind words.

  11. This was so eloquent yet comedic, it made me want to try my own first
    cigar! Haha, great stuff brother!

  12. i want a cigar now mate, or a blunt 😉 haha

  13. Awesome video dude. Where did you buy that cigar? Can I buy them kinds of
    cigars in newsagents?

  14. Awesome review, really funny and descriptive, please make more!

  15. @SethWadeMelancon Thanks for the comments sir!

  16. You’re a funny man

  17. ur a funny man i would like to see you reiew a cannabis filled cigar

  18. is someone playing the game “bully” in the background? thats what the music
    sounds like

  19. @leahcimrac I get all mine from simplycigars mate

  20. @ukwingchunstudent i sure will ;D

  21. @TheVivariumman I use simplycigars .co .uk this cigar it took me about two
    hours to smoke. Some people kill it quicker but i only take two pulls a
    minute, keep it nice n cool and just savour that shiz.

  22. @SledgeHammer115 Yea i say that in the video they are not top of the range,
    but that doesnt make them any less enjoyable. Everyones palette is

  23. @ukwingchunstudent Ah nice. Are they good for all areas of the uk? I mean
    are they reliable and deliver the products well? I’ve recently started
    smoking cigars instead of fags and they’re much better lol. Cheers

  24. @etherjoe505 Hmmm id recommend trying the cheaper ones and seeing what you
    like. Its really personal. Henry Wintermans are very good. Corona Deluxe,
    in expensive but a great starting point. Let me know when you get it you
    gotta light that shit and smoke it right bro haha in fact i might do a
    video for ya lol

  25. Great review mate, good to see abit of comedy in there as opposed to the
    deadly serious tobacco reviews. Nice one mate 🙂

  26. thanks a lot man! all cigar reviews will now be at my /ukwingchunstudent2
    channel, nice one mate

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