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Cigar Review: Drew Estate Undercrown

Posted by in Cigar Review

Get Free Shipping on your Order of $75+ with code SAVESHIP The Undercrown is a medium to full bodied cigar, balanced with lots of complexity. Notes of cocoa, spice, and earth were pres…

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  1. One of my new favorite cigars.

  2. a chamic girl with an amazing cigar

  3. hi, could you possibly review the Pura Sangre? The cigar is relatively high
    priced, yet, for me, the flavor is immensely mediocre. I’m curious as to
    your thoughts on the stick, what am i missing?

  4. Will you marry me!!!

  5. Wow those legs…

  6. Cigarettes are stupid…Chemically enhanced tobacco juice sprayed on
    crumbled paper…GROSS

  7. My love

  8. never

  9. Every one of your videos should end this way.

  10. sorry wheat beer has my spelling a lil off lmao

  11. That was a great review. The 1st one I have seen from you. It’ll probably
    be my favorite. Stay Smokey cool one.

  12. wowww beautiful ! my type all the way … beautiful smart educated brunette
    … IM SOLD ! ohhh and a cigar officando !

  13. damn she’s a sexy bitch..!!!

  14. fuckin hell that little clip at the end lmao

  15. sorry. thx for the reply

  16. Awesome ashtray

  17. Do you ever smoke cigarettes?

  18. @smokingcigarchick-On Saturday I went to a Tobaccanist shop and they had a
    lounging place then I bought a cigar and sat in the comfortable seat in the
    lounging place and smoked one.

  19. Real big fan of your reviews but a review I haven’t seen anyone do is the
    CAO flavours cigar line

  20. Awesome stick. I’m smoking a corona double right now i’ve had a few and
    they are awesome .

  21. I have. This video is a couple years old.

  22. PERFECT response.

  23. @smokingcigarchick-I wish that you and I could meet in person and go to a
    lounge place and have a smoke.

  24. buy a tripod please

  25. Id appreciate lots and lots if you my favorite cigar reviewer made a review
    on that line

  26. I smoke Bolivar and drink grape juice, but nothing beats my Pipe. that’s
    just how I roll.

  27. i smoked my first one yesterday and im very impressed

  28. Nice touch at the end of the video! 😉

  29. Really love the last part concluding your review. Hope I will see more like
    that! Thanks!

  30. what is the name of the Ashtray in this video. i couldnt hear you.

  31. It looks pretty weird watchin an very cute girl, smoking cigars 😀

  32. @chriskirby513 Douche.

  33. @NorthernSutherner It’s a “stinky” ashtray with a Liga Privada No.9 logo on

  34. Theresa, how many humidors do you have and how big are they?

  35. Just smoked my first undercrown today, loved it. I love your video’s, keep
    them comin. Sweet Smokes

  36. a girl who enjoys cigars hmm attractive and ur smart. more girls need to be
    chill like you lol

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