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Cigar Review: Drew Estate Java

Posted by in Cigar Review

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A quick review on the Drew Estate Java cigar. Really enjoyed it. Totally got a hint of coffee in it, but mainly chocolate. It was really mild and did not lea…


  1. @LockAndLoaded95 thanks buddy. using mr z’s logic i guess we all copy
    someone when we make a knife review or talk about a gun.

  2. Nice

  3. @alen209 nice! that was the only thing i was missing that night 😎

  4. @cibolodave You can’t do that to yourself after losing 80 pounds, bro. Has
    that number changed yet?

  5. Sounds intriguing! What do the cost? Thanks, every once and a while I like
    to splurge on a nice cigar.

  6. @lostburro 😎 i was thinking the same thing

  7. @dgallag339 thanks for watching

  8. @SurviveToLife it was only like 7.00.

  9. Cancer sticks!!! πŸ˜›

  10. @ATF6281914 thanks buddy. 50 is awesome too. keep it up.

  11. @ATF6281914 if this doesnt kill me then maybe the big mac will 😎

  12. @cibolodave F you man! LOL, I’m only at 50. But then again, you’ve been
    exercising everyday and I haven’t. Seriously though, nice job!

  13. @ATF6281914 i actually hit the 100 pound lost mark a few weeks ago. i am in
    maintenance mode right now so i should hold this weight for a little while

  14. @MrZachpow i was going to delete your comment because of profanity, but i
    will just leave it up so that people can see how idiotic some can be. have
    yourself a wonderful day!

  15. @MrZachpow Just because he smoked a cigar and reviews it totally means he
    copy’s Jeff’s videos stupid shit.

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