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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Cigar Review Cigars Daily Obrigado First Edition 5×50 robusto.

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Cigar Review Cigars Daily Obrigado First Edition 5×50 robusto.

At time of filming I found this on cigars for 7.50 for a single.

That’s right! There is a colibri bob the cigar guy family code!
It’s BTCG (bob the cigar guy).
Go to and when you purchase something, enter the code. Colibri will once a month generate and send to me a list of who bought what and then I send you free stuff!
Two things to know. 1. It will take at least a month before I send you something so be patient please.
2. It is a tier based give away, if you spend more the value of your gift is more than if you spent less. In the first load of stuff they sent me are some cool accessories, money clips, watches, cuff links, and pens. All cool and top shelf. Check out the website and see if ya need something. Be well.
The Sv cut and that matching single jet cutter make a great cut and lighting pair. It’s my go to!
That quantum is a banging combo! The three jet pencil point is a beast, and the deep v does the deal.
That tabletop cutter is a beast. Well over a pound in heft, it is solid and sturdy, and the single jet has never met me down, you can get both at, don’t forget to use the code btcg to get some free stuff.

You saw it! Stickers!
They are three inches and sturdy! I don’t have a ton, so if you wanna get one let me know soon.
They are three bucks shipping included.
Why three bucks.
1$ for cost of sticker and mailing
1$ to put back in for more swag
1$ to put towards making the videos better. Camera, computer, editing software, etc.
If you purchase one please post up on Facebook and tag me!

Thank you so much for a phenomenal first year as bob the cigar guy. To all of you who have generously contributed great cigars and pipe tobacco for these reviews I am humbled. And to all of my new friends and family who have subscribed, you are awesome!
My promise to you, as long as I have cigars to review and people keep watching, I’ll keep saying welcome, welcome, welcome. Happy new year!

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  1. Nate miles, I don’t know why your comment won’t show up in the open feed but I think it was awesome! To watch with such intensity you know the time I stop talking about tim and his great team at cigars daily and start talking about his tobacco artistry the Obrigado! It’s my goal to give you the viewer some inside info, “color commentary”, give you the blend notes, make ya laugh, and share my flavor experience. And keep it around ten minutes long. I hope you watch more of my videos and see that is the trend.
    Thanks for taking time to leave a comment! Have a cigars daily day!

  2. I think the jokes are phenomenal. 10/10 Mr robot!

  3. Where did you get that hat? I like it!!

  4. Hey buddy. New to the channel. Referred to you by Tim. Love the vids. By the way, I see you like Colibri. I bought an awesome rose gold V Cutter, 3 months ago. The mechanism failed, I now have to open by pulling and close by pushing. The cut is so awesome, however, that I still go through the hassle.
    I wrote to their customer service after seeing you vouch for them 3 days ago. So far no response.
    Keep the great videos coming!

  5. its my favorite cigar right now. And Cigars Daily is my favorite cigar shop too.

  6. Enjoyed my Obrigado. Nice smoke, especially for price. Thanks Tim and thank you Bob

  7. I love this stick. I have a 6-pack in route as we speak. I have already smoked 2 and experienced different flavors between them. It is a very diverse cigar. I just love it…. and Cigars Daily and you BTCG!!

  8. new one on me. never heard of this one. I'll have to find a 5 pack. thanks Bob.

  9. In 96 I blew out my shoulder in a motorcycle accident and had to have it put back together surgically, afterwards I pushed it real hard on the physical therapy and it hurts so much but it did me so much good help me to heal and get the use of my arm again, you can do it yes I know you can do it yes I know you can do it, Go Bob you're the man

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