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Cigar Review : CAO OSA SOL (5X50)

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  1. forth

  2. Nice vid- this stogie is my new fav

  3. All CAO cigars seem pretty low grade from trying several of them. I would
    recomend Perdomo’s cigars.

  4. Hi

  5. @cod4glitchingmaster they were probably talking about ciggarettes which are
    worse since most ciggarette smokers inhale.

  6. Oh man YES would love them!

  7. LOVE GUNS…no car means no shooting, no money means no new guns I can make
    more vids about what I have if you like…

  8. And… If Jeff wants to make these videos then he will, also he wouldn’t
    make them if people didn’t enjoy them! he has to cater for a wide audience
    not just you…

  9. not realy, i was jus kidding tho.

  10. My absolute favorite cigar is a Macanudo Maduro Hampton Court. Not to big,
    not to small, great taste, very complex. It was my very first
    (non-cigarillo) cigar, and i enjoyed it with a friend at the cigar shop. It
    was about a week before i was of legal age to smoke… so that was pretty
    adventurous for me. Btw, its pretty strong, so if your gunna eat a
    kapsalon, do it before the cigar.

  11. i had a nice cao soprano edition fantastic cigar i recommend it to you

  12. are these addictive?

  13. On top of that, find your most comfortable lawn chair, have yourself a nice
    drink, light up and listen to the sounds of nature (or the sounds of the
    city.) Chill and watch time fly by.

  14. btw how about the cigar getting smaller? lol thats not proof it was smoked?

  15. The HUGE price difference is our NYS Tobacco TAX—Yea we are #1 Yea. NEW

  16. Your selfish, its pretty simple now your gone, whats the problem?

  17. What kind of case?

  18. no matter what…no

  19. no it doesnt but expecting me to make videos that only you like is very
    much selfish

  20. Hey Jeff, You should really try an ACID cigar. They’re infused with
    botanicals and herbs, not the usual straight flavors as in cherry or rum.
    Cigar purists scoff at them, but I could care less. I love them. A great
    one to sample is the Kuba Kuba or Blondi Belicoso.

  21. Alright man. :O

  22. can you just do talking videos out side

  23. lol

  24. third…

  25. Is there a reason why you dont smoke inside that I missed? because of the
    smell in your room or something? i watch most of your smoking videos but i
    must if missed that

  26. damage to the house, when I moved into this house there was so much smoke
    tar on the walls everythign needed to be scraped, cleaned and
    repainted…its gross like ass scented taffy

  27. 😛

  28. This is where having a guillotine comes in handy. It’s not optimal to save
    it once you’ve started smoking it but if you have to just take the cutter
    and cut just behind where it’s burning. You’re making a new fresh end to
    light and no need to try butting it out.

  29. I have a question: Is it okay to smoke half a cigar and save the rest for
    later? Or does that ruin the cigar? I don’t really smoke very much and the
    idea of an hour-long smoke seems kind of intimidating. Thanks! 🙂

  30. Jeff… I feel ur intrest in guns is fadeing. I polised my barrel on my
    g36. It is soo sexy.i was hesitant at first but damn am i glad i did it.
    Try it out bud

  31. Do you have a vendetta against tobacco smokers? I’m well aware that cigar
    smoking is a fading pastime and it may not appeal to you, but as one who
    appreciates a good cigar, I really enjoy Jeff’s reviews. It’s commendable
    that Jeff, a newer smoker, has done his research on the subject and
    presents an informed opinion every time he endeavors to give one. So, just
    keep an open mind and don’t lash out against Jeff simply because he does
    what he enjoys.

  32. jeff, ignore decagonalist, this is your channel and you should be able to
    make video’s on what you want, when you want. keep up the good work 🙂

  33. You May enjoy a Padron 1969 Anniversidad Full bodied chocolate

  34. As an ATF agent, I am required to inform you that you must send those to me
    for… immediate disposal. 😉

  35. Jeff I really like these Tobacco vids keep them up in moderation of course
    my dude.

  36. True. i suppose, but it is what it is.

  37. first!

  38. Hey Jeff. How often do you smoke? And are you afraid of the health risks? I
    know you don’t inhale but still. Would having one or two cigars a week be a
    serious risk to the average person’s health?

  39. jeff loves falluses

  40. im so glad i wasnt the only one.. i love cao and the brazilia is prolly my
    fave cigar. but this was super mild.. to me it had some cinnamon notes and
    it was a little boring.. i lit it up and had smoked it 2 fingers from the
    band hoping i would it a sweet spot in the cigar and was really
    disappointed. i was really excited by all of the hype since the release on
    jan 1 2012 but was pretty let down..

  41. If you want to try a Great cigar (but a little more expensive), try an Opus
    X , by Fuente. They’re my personal favorite, if you get to try one, let us
    know. I’m sure you’ll love it.

  42. lol…why do you care youtubesgay…right?

  43. I certainly don’t see why not. Check it to make sure there isn’t mold or
    anything considering those cases weren’t meant for long time use so they
    don’t necessarily regulate moisture correctly. And the cigar should be
    slightly moist of course. If it seems good, toast it up and have a taste.
    If it tastes good, have yourself a smoke. If not put it out, cigar smoking
    is all in all for enjoyment anyways. 🙂 p.s. Sorry the post took so long,
    been really busy with work.

  44. You should review Executive Branch.

  45. metallic case, like thin metal in the shape of a cigar. 🙂

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