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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Cigar review Camacho Rum Barrel Aged Nicaraguan Powerband 6×50 toro

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Cigar review Camacho Rum Barrel Aged Nicaraguan Powerband 6×50 toro

That’s right! There is a colibri bob the cigar guy family code!
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Thank you so much for a phenomenal first year as bob the cigar guy. To all of you who have generously contributed great cigars and pipe tobacco for these reviews I am humbled. And to all of my new friends and family who have subscribed, you are awesome!
My promise to you, as long as I have cigars to review and people keep watching, I’ll keep saying welcome, welcome, welcome. Happy new year!



  1. Levi guise, for some reason your comment won’t post. But to answer your question I am not sponsored by anybody. I wish I was tho! Lol great question!

  2. Thank you for the shoutout, we love the entubado style.

  3. I loved the American Barrle Aged and have been wanting to try this stick. I am a little intimidated by the Vitamin N….. but your review makes me want to take the plunge! Thanks BTCG! You're awesome!

  4. Thank You Bob love your channel I watch your show all the time!

  5. Last cigar I had was yesterday. Alec Bradley filthy hooligan. It was a nice smoke 💨

  6. Bob you’re awesome! I enjoy watching your videos!

  7. Smoking a Nat Sherman Timeless..Down in Laurens, S.C….great reviews

  8. Great review Bob! I loved the Camacho American Barrel Age until I picked up five pack of these. Now I prefer this over the ABA. I prefer the bolder body and strength.

  9. Bob, thanks for the review, I am going to give that cigar a try.

  10. Hey bob! Love your videos man!! Im watching this smoking the new Cornelius & Anthony the gent. Really awesome stick they released at IPCPR

  11. This sounds good, usually camacho is a little to much pepper for me.

  12. Great review as always! I usually don't venture past coronas for full-strength after dinner smokes, but this one sounds like a must-try. Enjoying an EPC New Wave Reserva.

  13. I wish I could smoke a cigar while watching a video . When I smoke I'm outside on my porch and usually I am phone less. It's my quiet alone time with me and the trees. And the birds. Oh and bugs don't forget bugs. Last cigar I smoked was by xikar hxc. Was great and wasn't expecting it.

  14. That's the cigar I got the apricot flavor off of. Smoking a Camacho Triple Maduro with you, BTW.

  15. Thanks Bob . You always make my day

  16. Smoking an Oliva Master Blend 3 with some black coffee. 😎

  17. Greetings from Anderson, SC. Three month cigar smoker.

  18. These arent too bad for a mainstream cigar. My favorite barrel aged cigar would be the bourbon barrel aged Perdomo. That was the cigar that started it all for me. Good review Bob thanks. I've been smoking a lot of small batch and boutique cigars lately, I seem to like them better than the main stream cigars. I just finished an Ezra Zion Jamais Vu, I've had it for about a year and it came to me with a dark Brown cellophane, almost like it was pre aged lol. Very tasty.

  19. Smoking Bellas Artes with my morning coffee, west coast flow. Im very interested in this camacho rum barrel edition. Sounds amazing. Great review. Looking for late evening stogie with that buzz, but without that harshness.

  20. I'm currently smoking an El Galan Campestre Maduro in Torpedo.

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