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Cigar Review: Cabinetta Serie Joya De Nicaragua Cigar “Dos Capas”

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Get Free Shipping on your Order of $75+ with code SAVESHIP I want to thank Drew Estate and Johnny Brooke of for sending me cigars from the new Cabinetta Serie line o…


  1. She had me at creamy texture, Thank you.

  2. Truly gorgeous sexy smoking

  3. @joseph956 No, you don’t want to inhale cigars. Taste and flavor come from
    the mouth and nose and bringing the smoke out your nose without inhaling
    enhances the flavor profile of your smoking experience. Thank you
    @krssnoop! I am retrohaling.

  4. Like Pharrell said, “She’s an angel”…

  5. Great point! I don’t smoke flavored cigars so I never really noticed the
    Tabak Especial before. Tabak Especial is DE and JdN is distributed by DE
    so that may be what inspired this.

  6. @joseph956 no retrohaling

  7. @98bigbutt French & Spanish

  8. @smokinghotcigarchick,What’s your ethnic background?

  9. At first I thought oh boy she’s just posing for attention, but after
    watching I see your for real, nice review not just another pretty face!

  10. @smokinghotcigarchick,I knew it because I see the Spanish in your face. Not
    in a bad way if that’s what your thinking. You look sexy smoking that cigar.

  11. @joseph956 Delighted to hear it! I think this will definitely have you get
    more out of each experience. Taste some of your favorites again and see how
    much more you enjoy them 😉

  12. @pokiebaron It is a very interesting presentation and technique. I tend to
    prefer medium to full bodied cigars but do love a nice mild, so long as
    there is flavor and interest. But that is why balance is so important, too
    mild or too strong are not what I enjoy; the flavor, body, and balance are.
    It must be an enjoyable experience.

  13. When lighting a cigar you should draw a little slower. Thats what I was
    taught !

  14. you’re very nice when you smoke

  15. Appearance wise, kind of reminds me of DE’s Tabak Especial. The cafe con
    leche is one of my go to “dessert” cigars. Thanks for the review, Happy

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