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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Cigar Review: Alec Bradley Prensado Gran Toro

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Kyle’s Cigar Reviews ** The Alec Bradley Prensado Gran Toro. In the Churchill, this cigar won the #1 cigar of th…

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  1. Great review! How can I get that t shirt? 

  2. Nice review as usual Kyle. The Prensado is a great looking cigar and and
    has great flavors but i just got tired of babysitting that burn line.

  3. Yea I’m doing a lot better. Allergies always hit me this time of the year.
    Happy to be back smoking and doing reviews!

  4. Congrats again on the graduation. Looking forward to many more reviews to

  5. Thanks Tommy!

  6. I love the box pressed cigars as well. I just saw the hurricane last week
    and I will definitely being giving one a try and a review! I’m a big fan of
    CAO so I like to try anything new.

  7. Dry pepper right off the top, don’t care for that. Burns hot and dry, don’t
    like that. One dimensional first 1/3, won’t burn even at all. 2/3 cooling,
    salt, don’t like that, some leather OK some chocolate OK, getting creamery,
    seems to be a weak version of the Alec Bradley MAXX The Culture that kicks
    the butt out of this over priced stick. Last 3rd the same but hotter.

  8. Always wanted to try this stick and I gotta get one of those shirts and of
    course great review

  9. Thanks Mike, make sure you try one! I really enjoy these sticks

  10. I love the Maxx line they are only 60gauge

  11. Always a fan of box press cigars.. Just curious,, are you going to try the
    new hurricane by CAO.. let us know I’m dying to find out if they’re good

  12. I agree with you for sure. I’ve gotten lucky on a few that didn’t have many
    burn issues, but it’s pretty common. Great flavors for sure.

  13. The problem with big ring gauge cigars, like the gran toro, is the burn
    always suffers. I tend to like a 48 to 56 max ring gauge on a cigar.

  14. Yea the flavors are great, but this cigar does lack in the burning. I
    luckily haven’t had any extreme burning issues

  15. I’ve smoked a lot of Prensados, and I always love the flavors I get. But,
    80% of the time I have burn issues. I’ve had several that canoed so badly
    that they were unsmokable. I think there is something about that wrapper
    that just doesn’t want to burn right. Too bad AB hasn’t fixed this problem
    with the Prensado line yet.

  16. Thanks! Definitely a lot more on the way! Thanks for watching

  17. love the review

  18. Yea the bigger ring gauges always struggle a little more than the smaller
    ones. One reason I prefer smaller sizes.

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