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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Cigar review Al Capone sweets Cognac dipped

Posted by in Cigar Review

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When al capone asks for a moment of your spare time you give it to him…even if it is in the shape of a cigar. When your on smoke break these are perfect. T…


  1. I payed 10 dollars for 10 of them in Michigan 

  2. These last long though. They taste like a sweet camel.

  3. cigs at jobcorps cost 10 bucks a pack where i went to. is it the same for

  4. i like the filters simply because they prevent me smoking til it burns my
    lip. anyways aside from that the only real difference is the amount of tar
    that goes into your system

  5. Dude, i am from germany and a pack of them…, now hold on. 3,30 Euro pro
    ten cigarillos !

  6. Filtered versions are available. But some people like the sweet taste of
    cancer. Like this guy

  7. $16 in Anchorage Alaska. Reason why I quit.

  8. those are the non-filtered ones, and the filter doesn’t take away from the
    taste that much

  9. Over price? How many other cognac dip cigarillos have you try?

  10. Camera is this way buddy.

  11. I’m at Job Corps right now and these are a God Send. Especially because
    they’re a small taste of home.

  12. its weird i by the same and mine have cigaret filters

  13. A really Ghud video ! And Al Capone Sweets Filter ; Cognac Dipped are very
    very Ghuuud , Aren’t they ? 😉 I love your video, Thank’s (: !

  14. got these at a local smoke shop. the other alcapone review came from a gas
    station. both were good….but overpaid

  15. Yeah, unfortunately. What Job Corps did you go to?

  16. This guy does weird reviews

  17. here in netherland is a pack of ten al capone cigars 2,95 euro

  18. $6.59 for a pack of ten?! I just bought the same pack for a whopping $11.40
    here in New York.

  19. Is this guy on crack?

  20. oh netherlands<3

  21. are these good for rolling with?

  22. Ok, so I know that you’re not suposed to inhale those thicker and longer
    average cigars. Can we, or are we supposed to inhale these thin cigars
    and/or cigarillos.

  23. You over paid for thoses. Iv seen them as cheap as $3-4 @ Kmart. Gas
    station cigars r the worst tasting smokes.

  24. 6.59 is not that much. That’s less than a dollar a piece.

  25. Thanks, we use a cigarette holder which eliminates any heat and they are
    about $10 at store but we can buy them online for about $5.10/ pack. We
    like the taste better than anything else in that range.

  26. I kinda like the normal cigarillos or cigars. But use them more for blunts,
    than for smoking.

  27. Great review, I imported a couple of these in a pack swap and loved them
    too. stay lit.

  28. is it worse if you don’t have a filter? I hear filters don’t make a big

  29. Are those flitered or non filtered if so does the fliter take away from.the

  30. thats 4.35 usd according to google…… in the hell

  31. I’m a black women & I just wanna say you is Hella sexy 😉

  32. this brand is overpriced. i tried everythign the brand has to offer though


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