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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. What’s up Big Birch?!? Great review brother. Been thinking about trying
    one. Now I’m going to! Thanks for sharing!

  2. i’m a drew estate fan first and an acid fan second… lol …. i’ve never
    had a nasty, that is on my list to try.. if you get the chance and there is
    only one acid stick you can get… get the acide one… you will not be
    disappointed… preciate the comment… stay up..

  3. good video man

  4. preciate it… thought i would dabble a little in the cigar review thing…
    i really like this stick… no doubt you will like it as well… stay up

  5. i can understand that.. that is kinda why i started smoking a pipe…
    sometimes i don’t want to dedicate an hour and ten minutes to two hours
    smoking…. with a pipe, you fill it for however long you want to smoke and
    go with it… preciate you watching.. stay up,,,

  6. thx ishi… the kuba kuba is one of my favorites… unfortunately, i have
    to say that this stick is my new favorite Acid stick…

  7. wassup bruh…. i think you will really like this stick… let me know how
    you compare it to a Kuba Kubaa… i’m interested in your opinion on it…
    preciate you watching.. stay up

  8. That cigar sounds pretty good. All these youtubers smoking Acids make me
    want to try them again. I enjoyed the one’s I’ve had (nasty, cold fusion
    tea, kuba kuba) but I’ve never gotten “hooked”. I’m going to give them
    another go, thanks Birch.

  9. hey there my friend yet another awesome vid! you should try the acid kuba

  10. OMG thats so funny..Giganto Tobacco Fire Cracker…Now thats a lighter..!!
    Great review. I will definitely try that one. –Kyle

  11. Good stuff man..Im posting my Acid One homage today!

  12. preciate it bruh

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