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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. You are such an ugly retard, I can't stand looking at you

  2. I spend my pathatic lief obsassing ovear other people troalling me adn then I say trals doen't bother me. Imagine if I spent all that timme looking foar a job!!

  3. RIP Homoboy Scoty. Yeah budy

  4. Iym gaving shootouts to the ciger stoar so thay will give me free cagars. Yeah moocher

  5. I haev no job, but I keep buying tabaco and drugs and getting drunk. Yeah bottle.

  6. I tricked evereyone to thnk I laerned how to use a camara properly. Thats watsup

  7. i hope you're applying for jobs while wearing the tinted glasses, Lord of the Rings rings, bandanna, and Sabbath shirt…

  8. Most businesses would not hire a celebrity. They bring lots of baggage and problems. Cobra would be a distraction in a small place like Casper. Fans would be tying up the phone wanting to talk to him. Haters would make accusations against him and try to get him fired. It is simply not logical for any owner to bring Cobra on. It is the price you must pay to be a major YouTube star. I think he realizes that.

  9. Josh , you were cut down to a single 2 hour shift a week because you couldn't remember the difference between sweet and unsweetened tea , when a company puts you on the minimal hours a week it means they want rid. I also like the irony of you saying the trolls have nothing better to do you , they more than likely have houses, jobs , partners , family's , friends when you sit alone, smoking , drinking and rambling in-front of a camera because you have nothing better to do.

  10. M'thulsa, have you thought about busking about Casper as a way to make some extra dough?

  11. Josh You're an autistic faggot, that's what's up.

  12. yo i dont care how much you whine about the sex doll and the exact type you want. you blew it, you aint getting another one sent to you. get your own

  13. if you can buy a cigar of that size for 3 dollars then its shit quality. why even bother reviewing it? more mayo please.

  14. Yo Josh, you should see if that cigar store will hire you to be their mascot. That's what's up.

  15. nothing better than a dank cigar… unless it's a dank cigar and some good whiskey!

  16. my job hunt finally came to an end about a week ago, hopefully yours comes to and end soon too! just keep it up and it'll happen eventually, maybe you'll get a job at a tobacco store, that would be awesome :)

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