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Cigar Review: 2015 Cohiba Robusto

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Hey Fam!

Coming at you with another cigar review!

This weekend we take a look at the CUBAN 2015 Cohiba Robusto!

A marmalade of flavors and an experience to tell for sure!

Tell me what you think and some suggestions for the future!

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Smoke easy and Semper Fi!

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  1. Great Job Bob, totally legit Cohiba!!!

  2. I subbed simply due to the grace you handled yourself with when dealing with these CO idiots. This is 100% authentic. The only thing I could not confirm is the script due to an unfocused shot, but I have seen enough of these to identify 95% of the fakes at a glance. They really "pop" when compared to the fakes. Bryan Glynn has the entire YouTube cigar community believing an authentic Cohibas are as rare as unicorns. These are the same jaded people who buy their Cubans in the Bahamas or Mexican tourist traps and have never seen the real deal except on the internet. 🤣

  3. Not a fake mate, glad you enjoyed it! Love your passion, brother in gars! 😉

  4. Lol at all these people saying this is a fake Cohiba. Looks legit to me and here's why….

    1. Cohiba bands were changed in 2014 to bands like the ones on this CoRo
    2. Ash is a dark gray typical with Cubans.
    3.The C in Cuba on the band is not pierced
    4. Triple Cap

    I think most of the people making the comments "FAKE" need to take some time and give a good read.

    Bob, great review and great to see another Upstate SC guy that loves cigars as much as I do!

  5. don't know where everyone is getting their facts from, but from what I have seen and checked, hate to tell the haters,but that's the real deal.

  6. I find it sad that everyone trashing Bob's review clearly have no clue yourselves.

  7. Love your reviews Bob, always entertaining & fun to watch
    Keep smokin like a boss !
    Thumbs up!

  8. Great review & a great cigar,
    my favourite Cuban right there , mm mm MM !!!

  9. Bryan Glynn dude I think you need glasses cause your time on the top of the review hill must be getting to your head or is it more along the lines of someone actually does better reviews then you and you want to bash them…once you let out your magic smoke you never get it back

  10. All the Bryan Glynn fan boys here to save the day. Are all of you the bought subscribers?

  11. Thats super fake bro…cmon man.

  12. I've been smoking cigars for 2 years, and I rarely get to actually smoke Cubans, but the one brand I will ALWAYS stay away from, is Cohiba. Videos like this is exactly why. I'm sorry but this your 'gar is fake, the minute I saw the overlapping on the nose, automatic fake. It all just snowballed, flaw after flaw after flaw. Everything has to be perfectly aligned, the fonts wrong, the spacing between the comas has to be PERFECT. If you want to have a Perfect cigar, you have to have a Perfect band to go with it.

  13. What a fantastic review of a completely fake Cuban.

  14. That's a big time fake Cuban my friend!

  15. Boy, I could really tell you were having a bad time with the draw on that one, which I've heard is quite common in Cuban cigars. Glad you enjoyed it, brother!

  16. Never had one of those , so I guess I got to get me one . Gloria Estefan's Conga fit in there nicely too . Lol . Have a good one , and keep 'er lit .

  17. I was extremely disappointed with my 1st real cuban cohiba, after all the build up, it just wasn't as good as I expected. it was good, but it didn't blow my hair off like I expected. if you send me the band I'll mount it on a stand for ya. they're hard to get off without destroying it.

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