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Cigar Review 11 Drew Estate Undercrown

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Stop by for another great smoke, poolside! This week we are appreciating the Undercorwn by Drew Estate in the Corona Viva vitola. Great weather… great cigar!

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  1. Thanks, Hillman! It is a great stick. I wish Drew Estate would price all of
    it’s sticks similarly. I’d probably but a lot more. Take care, brother!

  2. I’d say the no. 9 wins by a hair (for my taste). But considering the price
    differential, I will buy the UC again, and pass on the no9.

  3. UC Viva is my fav of the bunch, belicoso being my 2nd fav of the bunch. If
    I had the funds I would take the T-52 over the UC Viva, but for the money,
    can’t beat the UC Viva. Check out the Nica Rustica when It comes out, it is
    pretty darn good too and in this price range. Great review as always. Glad
    you liked it. I sometimes pair the UC with Shiner Bock or a Honey Brown.

  4. Great review. I actually prefer the UC over the #9. Keep up the great work
    and I’ll keep watching! Cheers, ~Hilman

  5. Makes sense to me.

  6. I have a T-52 in the humi, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to it. If
    money were no object, I’d still take the 9 over the UC, but barely. And,
    I’ll definately keep my eyes open for the nica rustica. Even though it
    wasn’t your personal favorite, I’d still like to try the KFC too.

  7. Thanks, Rory! I think giving each cigar a story is part of Drew Estate’s
    marketing strategy. It adds value and mystique with no added cost. Much
    like the no 9 story, I’m not sure I totally believe it. But it’s a
    plausible tale, and I don’t really care about the story. The proof is in
    the pudding (or cigar, in this case). And Drew Estate’s cigars stand just
    fine on their own without an amusing back-story. Have a great week!

  8. I actually prefer the UC Viva over the #9.Great job as always.

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