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Cigar Rant #5 Do Aficionados Smoke Flavored Cigars?

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Are flavored cigars smoked by cigar aficionados or are they smoked by those of us that have not found their way? I am not a fan of flavored sticks nor am I judgmental and I don’t know too…


  1. Do Aficionados Smoke Flavored Cigars?

  2. I had to take down the first cut of this video due to issues with the
    upload. In doing so I had to delete the responses below which I thought
    were insightful

    Darp Barpson

    I’m only 22 but I’ve been smoking since I turned 18. In the passed 4 years
    I’ve been watching your cigar reviews along with cigarobsession and derek
    with reddit cigar reviews. I’m subscribed to cigar aficionado. I’m at my
    b&m about four times a week. I pair my cigars with wines, scotches and
    bourbons. I even perform the marriage, boy do I love the marriage. I’ve got
    two 100 ct humidors at home. I’ve tried just about every cigar I can get my
    hands on in the us. Premiums to super premiums. I’ve probably spent nearing
    10 grand on cigars in the past four years. I even keep a cigar tasting
    journal of cigars that I’ve been pretty hyped about. Even being this young
    compared to most aficionados I do consider myself an aficionado. But I
    don’t think anyone that has such a passion and knowledge and love cigars
    can be stripped of the aficionado title just because he or she likes to
    enjoy an acid kuba kuba every few months. All though it is infused it’s a
    well constructed handmade cigar, made with quality tobaccos. In short, yes
    I believe an aficionado is still an aficionado even if he likes to have an
    acid every one in a while.

    Patrick Morales


  3. I guess, I don’t consider myself an Aficionado, but i smoke both flavored
    and unflavored cigars, but only one specific brand, wont say the name, but
    its simply because of how the cigar is made, hand rolled, not machine made.
    I don’t think flavorings take away from the cigar experience, in fact in
    SOME cases it may enhance the cigar. But I’ve been smoking some MUWAT
    lately, those need no enhancing

  4. Lets expand this a bit further…

    Can someone be a ‘whisky aficionados’ if they primarily enjoy flavor
    enhanced whisky/whiskey such as Jack Daniels Honey, or Jim Beam Honey?

  5. This is an interesting topic. Personally, I do not like flavored cigars,
    nor do I consider myself an aficionado for that matter. Unless I’m missing
    something, I think you can be an aficionado even if you enjoy flavored
    cigars. I see it as, some aficionados may not like a flavored cigar or a
    “full body” cigar or a cigar with a certain flavor profile but they are all
    cigars nonetheless. Just my opinion, thanks!!

  6. 20 years ago when I smoked cigars on occasion – I usually went for the
    relatively cheap ‘flavored’ cigars (usually at festivals where a local
    tobacconist had a small tent, and sold his wares).

    These past 10 years I’ve become more selective, and moved on from the
    ‘flavored’ cigars, but recently I purchased a 5 pack of Tabak Especial
    Robusto Negra (enhanced with coffee flavor), and to be honest – I thought
    they were absolutely disgusting!

    In fact – I smoked only a 1/3 of one cigar, and threw the other 4 in the
    trash (ironically they’re given a rating of ’94’ by dozens of customers).

    That said – I do enjoy the more ‘natural’ flavors of a well made maduro
    cigar, but the enhanced stuff is overwhelming, and I personally feel it
    takes away the natural qualities of tobacco which is the reason I enjoy a
    nice cigar in the first place.

    I have nothing against those who do enjoy a flavored stick, but I must
    agree with Billy B. 

  7. My girlfriend who cant stand the taste of a traditional cigar prefers
    flavored ones, that alone should tell you something. No

  8. A very well put question and good scotch example ( I cringed a little
    myself) but over all I agree with you, an aficionado appreciates the
    characteristic naturalness, work, and time put into the cigars and the
    flavors they produce. Buuut what’s in it being called an “Aficionado”
    that’s up to you……even though I am one haha. Cheers

  9. Wow, what a good Rant to get people talking. By definition anyone can be an
    aficionado of anything. I think your talking more about being an Elitist of

    favoring, advocating, or restricted to an elite.
    “the old, elitist image of the string quartet”
    aristocratic, snobbish, snobby, superior, supercilious;
    arrogant, haughty, disdainful, condescending;
    pretentious, affected;
    informalsnooty, uppity, high and mighty, fancy-pants, la-di-da, stuck-up,
    hoity-toity, snotty

    Furthermore at what point can you change a natural product until it becomes
    “flavored”? What about blended whisky?

    Richard Paterson on drinking Blended Whisky

    Love the rants, and your other videos. Keep them coming. Cheers!

  10. I personally dont care for flavored cigars, if i did i would smoke them,
    along with my cubans and non cuban cigars. People who give a damn about
    what their neighbors are smoking to me have serious issues. A cigar
    aficionado imo is anyone who truly knows and enjoys a good cigar,and mature
    enough to accept your neighbor smoking an Acid Kuba Kuba!!

  11. I have nothing against flavored cigars other than the fact that I think
    they suck. Lol. However, I think for some newbies, it is a means to be
    introduced to the world of cigars if they are interested in developing an
    appreciation for cigars in general particularly if they are non smokers. In
    most cases that I’ve seen, they eventually step up to premiums and never
    look back.

  12. My cigar shop sell house flavored cigars where they place cigars in a
    chamber w/ a whiskey and let the whiskey evaporate and penetrate the stick.
    What do you think of those? 

  13. By the way that lapel pin is on! 

  14. Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with flavored cigars. I
    myself got introduced to the cigar world through Drew Estate’s Acid line,
    though have since moved on. I think they’re great for new or inexperienced
    smokers, or for a social environment say, with folks who aren’t regular
    cigar smokers and just want an easy smoke to go with their vodka cranberry
    or whatever. That being said, its been years since I’ve had a flavored
    cigar, just because there are so many great cigars out there I feel like I
    would be missing out if I smoked anything that covered up the natural
    flavor of the blend. Ultimately, I don’t really consider myself an
    aficionado. More like an enthusiast. 

  15. Lmfao, just awesome brotha, im down here in Nashville at the Drew Estate
    sponsored pipe show and showing this to all the cigar snobs here bahhhaaa

  16. OK, first off, I thought your video was awesome! Love your personality!
    That being said, I smoke both flavored and unflavored cigars, and I love
    both. Will I ever be a true cigar aficionado? I don’t know that I’d want
    to be! But will I always be a true cigar lover? ABSOLUTELY! I think all
    that matters is that we share our love of cigars! Doesn’t matter if we all
    feel the same way about things or not, that’s the beauty of choice! Hunt
    me down if you must, but you’d damn well better be willing to sit and have
    a smoke with me first! You choose yours, I’ll choose mine! Stay smokey!

  17. When you smoke favored cigars it takes away from the natural flavor of the
    tobacco flavor enhancement mess up the pallet and all you taste is
    artificial flavors just my two cents

  18. +Mark Swanson…. Your example of wine is a great analogy, many can claim
    that they are a sommelier. But a real sommelier needs TRAINING, EDUCATION,
    and CERTIFICATION…. and I think this is what separates the distinction
    between an aficionado and a sommelier or a cicerone. Merely being
    knowledgeable, have an affinity and an opinion doesn’t make you a
    professional sommelier. I think Billy Blvd is talking about trying to
    establish a standard so that people who claim they are “aficionados” and
    believe they taste “horse sweat” or “unicorn whiskers” aren’t taken
    seriously. THE PROBLEM; If you classify who can and cannot be an aficionado
    by personal opinion that is your personal opinion. Also, if you are trying
    to build a BRAND or attract new clientele into an industry you will cut
    your potential for growing the industry by not taking a type of cigar
    smoker seriously. I work for “THE BiG FisH”, and our market has be greatly
    impacted by little fish. Small bespoke craftsmen and women who take the
    risks the “THE BiG FisH” won’t. So much so that BiG Fish is acquiring
    little fish. Much like the traditional vs flavored cigar debate breathing
    new life into an industry is good for business. If you don’t evolve you
    will be left behind. IMO

  19. I think you can be an aficionado and still enjoy flavored cigars. A cigar
    is a cigar, weather it is flavored, cuban, NC, mild, medium or full. Its
    all the same to me, I have meet many people who believe if you smoke smoke
    super full bodied NC stuff or anything but high end cubans then you are not
    an aficionado. To me this is stupid, and to say your not an aficionado
    because you can enjoy a flavored cigar is the same thing to me.

    Love the videos PuroMaduro, keep them coming.

  20. First off, new subscriber. Secondly, I have smoked a few flavored cigars. I
    like them, but I lean more to a good old fashion cigar. Not to surprising
    seeing how I am over 40. With that said, if you like flavored cigars, I
    would still smoke a cigar with you. This a great topic for sure, one
    perfect for a discussion while enjoying a cigar with a great friend!

  21. You cannot be a cigar aficionado and ONLY smoke flavored cigars. Even if
    they are premiums. They just don’t have all the original components of a
    natural cigar. But I consider myself to be a cigar aficionado, I smoke
    about 1 a day, and I can enjoy a nice Java once in a while.

  22. Just a question. No judgement

  23. The answer is No, unless you only smoke flavored cigars occasionally (at a
    special event, friend gifts you one, etc.) and your daily smoke is a
    regular premium cigar. However, an aficionado could be someone that
    explores all samples of a product; (i.e. infused cigars, bundle cigars,
    machine made cigars etc.) to gain a better appreciation of the the premium
    cigars that they enjoy on a regular basis. Though the infused, bundle and
    machine made cigars would have to be very few and very far between.

    I personally don’t care for flavored cigars and/or the cigars with
    sweetened tips. Not my thing. Give me a nice medium to full bodied cigar
    any day. 

  24. My first smoke was an Acid Toast. I loved it. It has been a while since I
    smoked a flavored stogie but to each is own. Unless they star handing out
    checks for the aficionado title I think it doesn’t matter. Nice vid man
    love the rants.

  25. nope. need to be well versed 

  26. Hunt them down! No just kidding, your money your choice. I do see that
    newbies are the dominant smokers of flavored cigars though. Personally I
    think it takes away from the natural taste but I have tried them. I will
    buy a few here and there to give away though. 

  27. I hope your Leaf & Barrel Fashionwear takes off & becomes a hit. Very great
    idea. You have class my man. By the way, keep up these rants. I always look
    forward to them.

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