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Cigar Rant #4 SHUT UP! Let Me Smoke

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Just shut up and let me smoke is inspired by people that may mean well but often piss me off when they automatically associate cigar smoking with cancer. Balance and moderation is the key…

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  1. Fuck with the health now in days everything is bad for you even if your
    healthy your still gonna die I’ve herd of ppl who are healthy n they still
    died I remember years ago if I’m not mistaken that milk can give u cancer I
    might of herd wrong but I’m sure they said milk you got ppl doing drugs n
    shit n still lived n on the other hand you got those that never smoked ate
    right n still dieded….so like Billy b said shut up n let me smoke…..

  2. Bahhaaa im loving these cigar rants

  3. I know how you feel bro, I have co-workers with 2&3 pack a day habits, but
    they give me shit cause i like a cigar every now and then. They don’t get
    the difference of smoking their little paper sticks vs enjoying hand
    crafted masterpieces.

  4. Somewhere along the line, society “decided” that adults are not equipped to
    make their own decisions. That adults should be treated like large
    children by “government” rules. I am with you. Learn about the pros and
    cons, and make a decision yourself! You said it, Billy. Keep it coming.

    There is little true data that occasional cigar smoking, while not
    inhaling, is a risk anywhere near the pack-a-day cigarette risk. And there
    is NO outdoor secondhand smoke data. Just big government types and their
    social engineering, politicizing science.

  5. One rotation per day mate. 365 rotations a year. 

  6. I’m just wondering where you get the dough for all the single malts, sticks
    and what not. Hard for a brotha to keep up;]

  7. Mr. Blvd you think cigar smokers get grief try to enjoy collecting and
    shooting firearms! Gov’t and nosey people please stay out of my hobbies.

  8. To hell with them, if you are in the right place and time DO YOUR THING !!!

  9. Well said. Moderation is the key. My wife and family get on me about my
    pipe and cigar smoking.

  10. Well said, Billy. Reminds me of a video I posted recently entitled
    ‘Cigarettes are NOT TOBACCO.’ It touches on the same subject, and
    basically declares to not group us pipe and cigar smokers with cigarette
    smokers, because we are enjoying tobacco……and not some chemical
    concoction. You can check it out here if you like: StogieFarts News Flash:
    Cigarettes are NOT Tobacco

  11. STFU and let me smoke! CIGAR Rant # 4

  12. I tried the marriage today good stuff

  13. true words!
    terrible background noise :D

  14. fat people telling others what’s bad for them….ha!

  15. Words of Wisdome… Smoke on…

  16. Love it!!
    Keep the rants coming

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