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Cigar Oasis Magna 2.0 Humidor & Cigar Tower – Crate to Setup

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Gear Challenge unpacks the Cigar Tower & the NEW Cigar Oasis Magna 2.0 to assemble a Humidor Cabinet from Crate to Initial Full Setup.



  1. Where did you buy the cabinet

  2. get a tripod next time for future videos and quit trying to do things with one hand

  3. Toss that analog hygrometer and put a round digital one up there. The analog ones are almost always junk.

  4. You could easily season the shelves by wiping them down with a clean lint-free sponge soaked in distilled water. Wipe and let it air dry. Repeat a few times, then close it up and let the humidifier run overnight before adding any cigars.

  5. Nice humidor, HORRIBLE narrating!!! Also, treated incorrectly as well.

  6. This guy sounds like he's trying so hard to sound like he's smart. but in fact you sound like a homo by way of your excessive trying.

  7. Hate using adhesive in the humidor. I have the tower of power cabinet without the drawers and the hygrometer thats attached on top is non funtional LOL just like yours. I have the hydra humidofier and may switch to beads rather than the foam. The hydra does well so far but like you I had to add additional humidifying items to even out the humidity.

  8. I have the same humidor.
    I run a cigar oasis magna 2.0 on the bottom, and a hydra LG in the middle. it stays 68-70 at the top, 68-69 in the drawers, 70 in the middle and 70 at the bottom.
    all the drawers are stuffed full.
    and I have 10 or 12 boxes.
    mine will recover humidity within 20 minutes.

  9. it took me few days to reach 65 with mine using just the electronic device!

  10. Personally, I would have skipped the boveda packs and just let the active humidification season the cabinet. Also would have waited until cabinet RH stabilized at desired level before adding cigars.

  11. How long did you season the humidor and how many packs did you use?

  12. What was the name of this one and $$

  13. If you perform a search for the "Cigar Tower" or Quality Importer Cigar Tower, you should find a number of dealers / distributors. I am not aware of many actual stores that would carry these on the showroom floor unless in a large metro area. Double check shipping costs because some of the online sources "enhance" shipping and handling. Good hunting brother.

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