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Cigar Oasis Humidifier

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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In today’s video I talk about the “Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0” humidifier that I use in my desktop humidor. I have been using it for 4 years with no problems.


  1. Hello, with such a big humidor does the ultra keep the whole humidor at your desired humidity. Or do you use other devices. Since the ultra is only for 100 cigars.

  2. I have a problem with mine, plug it in and it said 99.9

  3. that thing is beautiful. enjoy it

  4. Love the humidor. Where did you buy it from?

  5. Got a strange question for you. I got that humidor about 2 weeks ago or so and I can't get the right answer from no 1. Is ur hydrometer in the front loss in the face of that box or does it set snug in there? Thanks

  6. Cigar International $99.00.  There  are 20%-off coupons available too.  Same price at Famous Smoke Shop and Amazon.

  7. Wow Beautiful Humidor! I just ordered the 2.0 my humidor is only for 100 cigars thats good to know it's working well! i'm excited to start using it. I don't have near the amount of cigars you do but I still have a lot for my liking. Thanks for that review. Good job.

  8. Nice humidor, I can't believe the ultra 2.0 handles that many cigars since Cigar Oasis states its only for 50-100 cigars, anyways I like the ultra because its compact and I have smaller humidor but the excel has same price as ultra in Amazon ($100) hard choice. Time to put this Padron to good use.

  9. Me too brother. hey take a look at the green foam in your oasis it looked a bit dodgy that green foam is the worsed stuff for mold get the beads in it .😀

  10. Nice setup. Looking forward to seeing the door for your walk in.

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