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Cigar Interview: IPCPR Extended With Jonathan Drew at Serious Cigars

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Get Free Shipping on your Order of $75+ with code SAVESHIP IPCPR feels like it has been extended with the latest Drew Estate event featuring the man, Jonathan Drew, at Serious Ciga…

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  1. (much like with coffee, I’m traditional there too, but know others like
    syrups). I think we must be proud in what we love, which I know I am and
    would hope others are, too. For their own tastes. Funny thing is I have
    found many smokers who now enjoy the likes of traditional cigars (like
    Padron) who first got into cigars because of the acid cigars. They are no
    longer fond of the flavored cigars now, but it is what introduced them to
    what they love now. I think that is fantastic.

  2. I hate acid now. Not the product but the owner. They sold the 4+33 ga mini
    for $1.00 or less now due to the biggest bumper crop in history they are
    1.50 to1.75 ea. Ha ha ha He must think his shit don’t stink. Fu drew.

  3. Drew is an awesome guy, and I can see how Dion works together with him for
    his Nosotros blend. Tatuaje, Padron, and Illusione are three favorites of
    mine as well- I love the complexity, balance, body and flavor they provide
    and they meet my palate and style. I am not one for flavored cigars myself,
    though I can see their place and those who appreciate them- it is their
    taste and I can respect that ….

  4. See, that’s just it. Your friend who is “new to cigars” is smoking an Acid
    Wafe, I’ve said for a while now that if an Acid is your first smoke because
    cigars intimidate you then so be it. What if, in 6 months he is smoking
    “good cigars,” or cigars you deem worthy, because he started with that
    Wafe? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? In my opinion, if that’s a
    starting point, then cool. Is it worse than the old farts smoking garbage
    like Punch, Macanudo & other General/Altaidis stuff?

  5. All Cigar prices went up because of the S-CHIP Tax. Raised the tax on
    cigars 800%. Don’t hate on Drew. Hate on your idiotic government trying to
    “save you” from yourself.

  6. Not entirely true. You can dislike flavored stuff, but Jonathan is a cool
    guy and is well respected. I’m not a huge Acid fan (maybe 1 out of 100 I
    smoke). But I don’t think Dion from Illusione (a well respected & super
    picky new school blender) would be working with Drew on the Nosostros if he
    were a joke. And the Liga Privada #9 Robusto is an outstanding natural if
    you can find one. He has plenty of other non-Acid cigars too (Hoya de
    Nicaragua, Chateau Real) that are pretty good too.

  7. Bad bitch

  8. Well, I would say well respected by Dion, for one. Otherwise, why would he
    choose to let J. Drew make his Nosotros? Also we’ve had people from other
    cigar companies and others who have seen it say that his operation in
    Nicaragua is first class and far ahead of everyone else in terms of
    technology and production. Just sayin.

  9. I have friends who love acids and I find it interesting how open minded
    they are to discovering what the world of cigars has to offer- including
    the history. They may not have ever tried a cigar otherwise, but now they
    feel comfortable and have a strong interest.

  10. View her Rocky Patel interview to see what a real douchebag RP is. I must
    admit, I do like sone RP smokes though. And Not an Acid fan (aside from
    Kuba Kuba) but admire J. Drew’s craft and dedication. At least the guy has

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