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CIGAR DESTINATIONS: The Brick House Cigar Shop [ Should I Smoke This ]

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It’s Episode 3 of Cigar Destinations! This time I visited a great little shop that many of you probably see on Instagram all the time. It’s not a myth! It’s The Brick House Cigar Shop in Wyckoff New Jersey. Check out the episode, and if you’re ever in North Jersey, STOP IN!

The Brick House Cigar Shop
85 Crescent Ave
Wyckoff, NJ 07481

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  1. Good vid and nice insight into the brick n mortar. Should have a 'drive' to pay for lapel mics! Thumbs up

  2. Just picked up some anejo 77 that you had on your top 5. I wasn’t a huge fan of the liga 9. Is the anejo very different in flavour profile from the liga 9? Also is it medium strength of full?

  3. Great Cigar Shop. I work in the area and just discovered this place last week. Went in and picked up a Tabak Especial and a Undercrown Shade and a new Cigar Caddy. Even though I was only there for 5 minutes Eddie was great and made me feel like i was at home. I will definitely be stopping in more often.

  4. Awesome! I do get the vibe of this place. I wouldn't even mind paying New Jersey prices to hang out there. Price of admission. I've yet to meet a jerk in a cigar lounge.

  5. I enjoying lookin at their Instagram…makes me want to go a visit one of these days

  6. I love this segment of the channel 👍

  7. Awesome. Wish we had places like this in Washington.

  8. Glad to see people share my thoughts on cigar/ pipe stores shouldnt have vape and hipster crap

  9. Loving this series. It’s really interesting to see what other shops across the country are like, not to mention the people.

  10. I really like how the chairs face each other. Btw what kind of stuff do people put in those lockers? I noticed Sanj has them toom

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