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CIGAR DESTINATIONS: Sanj’s Smoke Shop [ Should I Smoke This ]

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It’s the FIRST EVER EPISODE of Cigar Destinations – the segment where I show you the best places to smoke and / or buy cigars! I started where it all began, at my home smoke shop in NJ called Sanj’s Smoke Shop! See the shop and meet the man behind the shop that has an INSANE following! And if you want me to come do a Cigar Destinations episode at YOUR favorite shop, SIGN UP at the Patreon link above – the more support I get, the sooner I can travel to bring these awesome places to your screen.. ENJOY!

Sanj’s Smoke Shop
419 Broad Street
Bloomfield, NJ 07003

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  1. Great video I have to get up to Bloomfield!

  2. Totally awesome vid man! That guys a gem full of knowledge, totally jealous you have a shpp this great near you! Im from LI, definitely considering taking a trip out to chop it up qith this man and enjoy a smoke! Keep the vids coming man!

  3. What an awesome shop! You are a lucky guy to live so nearby Sanj's place. I have to drive 45 minutes for my stick Lovin' the new series idea! Cheers

  4. What an awesome interview. Wish I lived in that area because that would be my shop. Thank you Rob and Sanji!!

  5. Dude! I don’t know if you’re aware how lucky you are. That’s an awesome cigar shop. So much better than the two I have near me, in just about every way I can think of. Sanj seems like a cool guy. Really like the new series idea.

    Ps love the AVO, Davidoff, and Fuente stuff.

    Oh and I agree with him. The davidoff millennium is awesome… I just can’t afford to smoke it except on special occasions.

  6. What a cool guy Sanj is! I really enjoyed this clip, Rob. I look forward to more Cigar Destinations. If you ever get out to Modesto, CA, check out the Cigar Club. They have an outstanding humidor with a huge selection.

  7. Now that is my kind of lounge! Sanj don't ever change. Brother Rob, I Love the Cigar Destinations series. Fantastic to say the least.

  8. Really cool series. I hope never to find myself in New Jersey, but if I do, I'll make sure to buy something from Sanj.

  9. Good video, Rob. Shout out to, Sanj. Seems like someone I'd like to have a smoke with. Good energy! The Tobacco Company in Lemoyne, PA would love to have you visit at some point in the future. Salute

  10. Cigar stores in Minnesota, 95% tax rate, staffed by managers who are not present day to day and kids who either want to sell me a weed pipe, get me to vape, or are clueless about thier tiny walkin humidor.

  11. Exactly… "cigars are for relaxing"… good stuff!

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