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CIGAR AND COGNAC REVIEW–Cohiba Paired With Remy Martin 1738 Cognac

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The most renown name in the cigar world paired with one of the best Cognacs on the market, Remy Martin 1738 Cognac. The sweetness of the Cognac balances well…

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  1. I’m surprised the cohiba wasn’t that impressive. I live in NY so
    unfortunately getting a hold of one of those is near to impossible. However
    the Remy 1738 is class. One of my go to cognacs. 

  2. Loved the lighter! What is the Brand?

  3. Keep ’em coming brother -great vid; excellent production, beautiful
    surroundings! Peace ‘n Leaves

  4. great video!!

  5. Well educated connoisseur! Peace!

  6. love the video keep it up you look like an old school hustler 

  7. how a boss nigga gotta chill

  8. Like your take, but…Isn’t it champagne cognac, not the otherway around?


  10. I just completed a wine review that I think you will like. Check the

  11. Hi, just subscribed. I am a fan of Lagavulin whisky and I started on cigars
    when I read a fellow saying the red dot cohibas paired perfectly with this
    whisky. The pairing mellowed out both items. Absolutely superb. The cigar
    won’t be in the same league as your Cuban cohiba I think you would like it

  12. On the second try, I liked it much better. Acquired taste, or variation of

  13. Sounds like a winner. Let me know how it goes

  14. Not sure but I let it sit in the humi for about 3 months along with some
    other Cubans I came across at the same time. Cohibas are usually aged
    properly before being shipped and the gentleman I got them from had them
    sitting in a humi in Miami but he lived in Toronto thus I assume they had
    been aging for some time. Ultimately there was no excuse for the lack of
    performance but I have had some awesome Cohibas.

  15. How did it go? I was at the Carnegie Club in NYC last night wondering how
    you came out wirh your selections

  16. I can’t agree more as far as Cohiba’s go. I only have had great smoking
    experiences with the Cuban’s overseas. But for sure I will check out the

  17. Thanks for the great reviews. You seemed pretty knowledgeable about wine as
    well as scotches. I’m more of a wine and cigar smoker. I’ll look for more
    of your wine pairings in your future. Btw what brand lighter is that I see
    in your videos?

  18. Cohiba has reached a point where the demand is stretching the supply chain
    thus they are getting diminishing returns on quality. They need to pull
    back and maintain the brand.

  19. You are correct. This is one of the best brands out there but there is
    always variation in any given line. It was a Cohiba that first turned me on
    to cigars but I have to be completely honest else my credibility is
    worthless. The cigar smoked like a wooden stick. Dam shame it you ask me.

  20. How old was that Cohiba?

  21. Thanks for the vid. Just pick up the 1738. Going to enjoy it tonight with a
    Padron “hammer”. Yes I will be integrating the two as well as dipping the
    tip (nestea plung) . Keep up the great reviews!

  22. After some year of smoking Cubans and trial and error I was convienced to
    let the higher quality Cubans age and age for some years based on the
    amount of oils in the the wrapper usually with Cohibas its 3 to 5 years
    from the date on the Box. I currently have a couple of boxes that are now 3
    years old and wow what a difference from the first one i smoke 3 year ago.
    Please do a review on H Upmann cigar I’ll be interested to get you take on

  23. Such a shame when that happens. I smoked the first of my Montechristo 520
    Limited Edition 2012 last week and it was just like that – no taste, like
    smoking paper. What a disappointment. Great review, keep up the good work.

  24. I’ll never be bought. I do this for the love of the leaf, grape, & peat. I
    buy, try, pair, & review it. Thnx 4 watching

  25. Very nice combination. A man who knows what he is talking about. -Cheers

  26. Late last year I reviewed a Cuban Cohiba and it sucked. I am about to give
    this iconic stick another chance.

  27. ima be smokin cohibas in miami

  28. Did not care for the 1738 Martin. Too sweet and too unrefined. I like Remi
    Martin XO and Delemain XO.

  29. I love the Red Dots. If not for them I would never been bitten by the cigar

  30. @puroMaduroChannel Best in the vid biz.Best sticks Best Spirits Most
    enjoyable to watch.If you get sent off brand stuff please don’t review cuz
    we don’t bend over to pick up those kinda cigars or spirits.

  31. i bought one of brains pipes and ended up returning it because it was a
    piece of shit.

  32. Another great review .. Can’t wait to see some pipe videos.. Welcome to our
    great community. Chase

  33. I have yet to find a reviewer cooler than PuroMaduro.

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