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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Cigar 102: How to Cut & Light a Cigar || Gent’s Lounge

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Blake & George talk about the proper way to cut and light a cigar.


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  1. These pussies don't know shit

  2. Never use a zippo on a cigar unless you want to have ataste of lighter fluid. some people dont mind that. I would recommend a soft flame butane lighter. A BIC lighter is essentially a soft flame butane but it doesnt look very good if your at a lounge, makes you look really weird. I have a flint soft flame butane lighter by calibri thats really nice

  3. A good tip for the novice is to lay the cigar cutter on a flat surface and place the butt of the cigar in the blade to make the cut. This way you never take off too much.

  4. Looks like you cut beyond the cap on that one, it does more than waste tobacco. The cap holds the cigar wrapper (outer leave) in place, cut past it and it's liable to unwrap on you whilest smoking.

  5. You really don't wanna bite it you might hurt the wrap also you charred the tobacco with flame your supposed to hold it farther back and you puffed way to quick so guys before you tell people on how to smoke a cigar do some research please

  6. wow, you guy really don't know what you are talking about…. i hope the rest of your videos you do a bit more research before filming. smh

  7. isn't it better to not use a Zippo because off the Zippo petroleum ruining the taste of the cigar?

  8. Solid Video Fellas. Respect From Los Angeles

  9. Should've mentioned to find the cap of the cigar and to cut above the cap so the wrapper doesn't come undone….. and a bic lighter should never ever be an option. the lighter fluid destroys the taste of the tobacco and ruins the entire cigar…..

  10. Great video guys! Was this shot at Blake's new place? ;)

  11. You misspelled "subscribe" in your outro slate.

  12. Are cigars addictive like cigarettes? I hear many different things. Also, do they contain the nasty chemicals in cigarettes which cause cancer? I feel like that's something you should have opened with.

  13. the best way to light a cigar its no other than Matchs!!

  14. I heard it's always best to start at the tip! haha

  15. Good information, but you didn't mention other styles of cutters. V cutter and punch. I like cigar matches.

  16. With the common misconception that smoking is bad for you, will you be going into the health benefits of smoking? I believe this would help support the reason as to why a gent would want to smoke and then make the occasion of smoking more enjoyable for said gent since his mind would not be on the possible negative side effects of what should be a very sentimental happening.

  17. the reason for not cutting too low is that the tobacco can unwrap and pretty much ruin your cigar.

  18. Zippos are a big no-no. Bics are fine because they use butane gas, like the torches. Actually, I prefer to use a natural-flame butane lighter. Natural-flame lighters are much cooler than torches and it's much easier to toast without charring the foot.

  19. don't use a zippo if you can avoid it… you will taste the gas..

  20. will it hurt if I use that fire on my eye?

  21. Can you use the cigarette lighter from 12v outputs in cars?

  22. Was that just a bowl or an actual ashtray? Whatever it was it looked sweet!

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